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A Concept Camper for the Cybertruck Somehow Took $50 Million in Preorders

Cyberlandr Tesla camper

A lot of people are excited about Tesla’s unreleased Cybertruck and its potential. So much, in fact, that one accessory concept already received over $50 million worth of orders for its Overland Cybertruck camper. An RV-style camper that doesn’t even exist yet.

It’s called the “Cyberlandr,” and the maker claims it’ll offer a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and office that can completely hide in the Cybertruck’s bed. Then, the pop-up design can deploy on-demand for true camping or “Overlanding” anywhere and everywhere. This Cybertruck camper runs about $50,000, but that’s not stopping people from ordering one.

Even though the Cybertruck isn’t out yet and the design is still a work in progress. And even though this Cyberlandr camper isn’t real and still just an idea or prototype, tons of people paid for one. If you’re wondering what’s so special about it, watch this video.

It’s an elegant and super ambitious idea, but apparently, Tesla fans love it. The Cyberlandr company started taking preorders for this innovative camping solution, and it exploded. Claiming they’ve already received enough preorders to surpass $50 million in sales.

That said, now comes the hard part. Making something like this certainly won’t be easy, especially considering they don’t have a Cybertruck to test it on. And that’s before we get into the pop-up design and everything it promises. Basically, they’re going in blind, just like everyone who preordered, and are hoping for the best. Don’t get me wrong, this looks beautiful, but at that price, I’d rather throw a roof-top tent on my Cybertruck.

via: Electrek

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