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Gross: Watch a Dishwasher Run from the Inside with 4K GoPro Video

Interior view of a dishwasher running a cycle to clean dishes
Warped Perception

Have you ever wondered how dishwashers actually manage to get your dishes sparkling clean? A YouTube channel called Warped Perception actually placed a GoPro and a 360-degree camera inside a dishwasher while it ran a cycle to get some answers.

Matt Mikka, who hosts the YouTube channel, wanted to document an entire cleaning cycle. He was curious about how it all worked, but was especially interested in how the detergent is dispensed, because that specifically is what gets rid of food and debris—not just rinsing or using high-pressure hot water.

Mikka bought a dishwasher and hooked it up in his workshop. He then places the GoPro at the back of the top shelf and the Insta 360 camera in the center of the bottom rack (along with a light). As the cycle runs, the cameras show the individual processes within the full cycle, including the soap being dispensed. At the end, Mikka even uses a thermal camera to see how hot the dishwasher gets during the drying process.

While the end result isn’t exactly shocking, it’s still fun to actually have a visual on the process that many of us take for granted in our everyday lives. And let’s be honest—it’s pretty rewarding to watch the gunk fall off those plates and their shiny clean finish slowly appear!

via Nerdist

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