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25 Excellent Games on Google Play Pass

images of Riptide GP, Battle of Polytopia, and Thimbleweed Park in a collage
Vector Unit, Midjiwan AB, Terrible Toybox Inc.

For only $5 a month, Google Play Pass offers a lot of value—especially in the gaming scene. While this is just a small, tailored sample of the library available, these games will still take you a while to burn through. So sit back, relax, and start downloading some of the best games you’ll ever play on mobile.


images of Dead Cells and Crashlands in a collage
Playdigious, Butterscotch Shenanigans

The Action genre is chock-full of quality titles that will get your blood pumping. From dungeon-exploring exploits to fast-paced platformers, there’s a little something for everyone here.

  • Dead Cells: A fast-paced, pixelated adventure where death means you restart your run. Every new life means you’ll be smarter, stronger, and faster, as you chase after the true final boss of the game.
  • Crashlands: This top-down RPG will keep you glued to the screen for hours on end with its fun combat and a seemingly endless number of items to collect.
  • Morphite: While obscure, Morphite is an interesting first-person shooter with a heavy focus on exploration. If thoroughly exploring planets while shooting all those who oppose you sounds fun, you’ll get your mileage out of this one.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: A classic ’90s platformer about using speed and momentum to complete stages, masterfully ported to Android with better controls, more features, and an entirely new stage.
  • Dandara: Dandara’s mechanics feature a basic teleport and simple gun—but it does a lot with them. Explore this extensive map by zipping around, blasting enemies, and unlocking items, all in an effort to save the world of Salt.


images of Thimbleweed Park and Old Man's Journey
Terrible Toybox Inc, Broken Rules Interactive Media

If you’re looking to experience a grand tale or get invested in some excellent characters, these games provide that and much more.

  • Thimbleweed Park: This point-and-click (well, tap) adventure takes a familiar premise to an exciting degree. As you solve this noir murder mystery, you’ll appreciate just how well-constructed this game’s narrative and puzzles are.
  • Old Man’s Journey: A picturesque tale about making amends for past transgressions, all seen through the eyes of an old man who just wants to set things right.
  • This War of Mine: This game puts you through the paces—both emotionally and strategically. You’ll have to make plenty of difficult gameplay and story decisions to see it through to the end, and they only get harder as the game goes on.
  • Evoland: Evoland sees you venturing through the history of RPGs by constantly switching up the art and gameplay style as you progress from stage to stage.
  • LIMBO: A gruesome tale of a boy who needs to survive in a dark, brutal world filled with platforming challenges, various monsters, and puzzles to solve.


images of Terraria and Pocket City in a collage
505 Games, Codebrew Games

While most games are played on the developer’s terms, these games give you much more freedom in how you play and solve problems.

  • Stardew Valley: The beloved farming simulator made its way to Android in 2019 with an excellent mobile port that keeps the addictive cycle of managing your farm intact.
  • Terraria: With hundreds of hours’ worth of boss-defeating, item-crafting, and dungeon-exploring content, Terraria might just be the last game you ever play. This one is hard to put down, and that’s without mentioning the room it has for creative expression through the building system.
  • Pocket City: The classic SimCity games hold a special place in the hearts of many, and Pocket City aims to recapture that in an efficient, mobile-friendly style. Build up your perfect city all while managing the budget and citizen happiness to level up and unlock new structures.
  • Bridge Constructor Portal: Put on your engineering caps, because Bright Constructor Portal asks you to build complex bridges and mechanisms within the iconic Aperature Labs from Portal 1 and 2. There’s no one right way to solve any stage, but there sure are a lot of wrong ways you’ll discover.


images of Out There and Battle of Polytopia in a collage
Mi-Clos Studio, Midjiwan AB

These games put your mind to the test, requiring you to think out complicated problems and come up with the best (or most fun) solutions.

  • Reigns: A card-based game with big consequences; every card you choose in Reigns will have massive effects on the kingdom you preside over, meaning every run-through will be different from the last.
  • Cultist Simulator: Another card-based game, but instead of simple decisions, Cultist Simulator throws you into the deep end with numerous intricate mechanics you’ll have to master to manage your cult. With a great, dynamic story and art style on top of it, indoctrinating people has never been this fun.
  • Escapist 2: You’ve been locked up, so in Escapist 2 you’ll need to figure out the best ways to escape prison—whether you’re doing it alone or in four-player local co-op.
  • Battle of Polytopia: A more traditional, turn-based strategy game that sees you building up a nation’s army to conquer those around you; similar to Sid Meier’s Civilization series.
  • Out There: This space-faring adventure forces you to make tough choices to safely explore planets and make peace with their inhabitants. There’s plenty of story content for all the decisions you make, ensuring you won’t get tired of it on repeat playthroughs.


images of Lumino City and Mini Metro in a collage
Noodlecake Studios, Dinosaur Polo Club

If you love piecing together a good puzzle, then you’re in luck—Play Pass grants access to a few of the best puzzle games to ever grace gaming.

  • Monument Valley 2: This isometric puzzler features beautiful art, a sweet and succinct story, and tons of expertly designed puzzles for you to sink your teeth into.
  • Lumino City: A puzzle-adventure game with a fantastic art style—this one will get you to think just as much as you’ll be gawking at the visuals.
  • Mini Metro: While unassuming at first glance, Mini Metro requires you to do the intricate work of infrastructure planning. You’ll need to figure out how to properly connect every train line to avoid disaster and make sure trains get to the station on time.


images of Riptide GP and Absolute Drift in a collage
Vector Unit, Noodlecake Studios

Sometimes, the simple joy of competition is all you need, and these racing games deliver that alongside some intense, fast-paced gameplay—whether you’re racing opponents or your own best times.

  • Riptide GP: Renegade: Take to the water in this aquatic racer; using futuristic jet skis you’ll tear through the various courses all while trying to one-up your opponents at every opportunity.
  • Absolute Drift: This minimalistic racer requires long arcing drifts through turns and obstacles to perfect your score on each expertly designed stage.
  • Hyperburner: Carefully pilot your spaceship at max speeds in Hyperburner, all while trying to get the best time on each stage and earn your place on the leaderboards.
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