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Google Tries to Save Android Tablets With New Entertainment Space

Android Tablet Entertainment Space

Android tablets aren’t all that popular these days, and if we’re honest, they never were. However, Google is trying to change that with an all-new “Entertainment Space” for tablets. It looks a lot like Google TV.

When it comes to tablets, the iPad dominates the conversation, then Samsung’s Galaxy Tab comes in a very distant second place. So much, in fact, that even Google seems to have mostly forgotten that Android tablets exist. Even if more people are using tablets lately due to the pandemic.

And yes, while Google did launch “Kids Space“ last year, it wasn’t enough to get people interested in Android tablets. However, Google just unveiled a pretty nifty new user interface designed around consuming media that might help.

The new “Entertainment Space” is designed for multimedia with sections for Watch, Games, and Reading. With that first one, “Watch” being extremely similar in design to Google TV. Focusing on delivering movies, TV shows, and more directly to your bigger Android screen.

tablet entertainment space google tv

Under the first row, Google has an entire section dedicated to other consumable apps on your device. Things like Hulu, Twitch, YouTube TV, and more. Honestly, it looks pretty nice and could really give the few Android tablet users left a big boost in enjoyment. Though there will also be an omission to the content here—Netflix won’t be a part of the Entertainment Space. It will show up as a recent app within the space, but Netflix content won’t be available. That’s a huge hole from a service that so many people subscribe to.

Unfortunately, in a very Google move, this isn’t available for all Android tablets. In fact, starting this month, Entertainment Space will appear on Walmart’s Onn tablets. Then, later this year, we can expect a global release for more Android tablets. Google mentioned a few by name, but Samsung wasn’t one of them.

According to Android Central’s Daniel Bader, the Entertainment Space will take place of Google Discover on the leftmost pane of the launcher on supported devices. This means the rollout will most likely be in a system update since it seems it will most likely be using restricted APIs to generate content.

via: Google Blog

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