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Yeehaw! Cowboy Drops Two Powerful and Sleek New Electric Bikes

The Cowboy C4 in black on a black backgroun

If you’ve researched or read about electric bikes at any point in the past, you’ve likely come across the name Cowboy. Cowboy makes some of the more innovative ebikes on the market, and it just introduced two new models—the C4 and C4 ST—that feature more powerful motors and sleek integrations.

Historically, Cowboy has offered one version of its bikes, but starting with the C4 there are now two versions: the standard C4, which is akin to Cowboy’s bikes of the past, and the new C4 ST, which introduces a step-through model. Step-through bikes offer a lower top tube than “standard” bikes, making them easier to get on.

The Cowboy C4 ST
The step through model Cowboy

As a result of the lower entry point on the step through model, it’s also better suited for shorter riders. Like past Cowboy bikes, the C4 is best suited for riders from 5’6″ to 6’4″. The C4 ST model drops the rider height all the way down to 5’2″ at a minimum and up to 6’2″ at the maximum. Step through bikes also place the bars above the saddle in most cases, so they’re also great for riders who may have mobility issues since they’re also much more upright. The bars on the C4 ST also have more backsweep than the regular C4, which further puts the rider more upright.

Past that, however, the two bikes are the same. Both models introduce a more powerful motor than the Cowboy C3, which offers up to 50% more torque. That means you get more power for less work. The biggest downside (at least in my “I like to ride bikes fast” mind) is that the pedal assist tops out at just 15.5 miles per hour (25km/h).

Cowboy is somewhat unique in its approach to gearing—where most other ebikes offer a more traditional gearing system (or internal hubs at the very least), Cowboy rolls with a single-speed carbon belt drive system. The bikes use a torque sensor to automatically adjust power as needed, so you get more power on ascents and less on descents, basically.

You’ll get the same range from the C4’s battery as its predecessor—so about 43 miles/70km. This is the upper limit, of course, and will vary according to terrain and weather (riding into a headwind will take more power, for example). But it still offers a general idea.

The C4's cockpit with a phone mounted, showing the Cowboy app
A look at weather and navigation in the Cowboy app Cowboy

If you’re looking for more specifics while you’re on the bike, however, the new Cowboy app is where it’s at. It’s packed with new bike-related metrics, which include battery range and consumption. Beyond that, the app is also home to more rider-driven metrics, like health and fitness, riding stats, and navigation. It’s a sleek-looking app on its own, but its integration with the bike makes it even sleeker.

The C4’s cockpit is a stealthy, streamlined, integrated setup with a built-in phone mount on the stem. It uses the Quadlock system to hold the phone in place, which is one of the most robust and trusted systems on the market. But wait, it gets even cooler—if your phone has wireless charging, the bike can charge it while you’re on the go. The stem has a built-in wireless charger, which pulls juice from the bike’s internal battery to offer a charge. Hot damn, y’all.

Of course, this could potentially introduce its own set of issues. As with all proprietary bike parts, this makes it hard to change to a different system. So if you find yourself wanting to alter the reach on your bike, you may be out of luck thanks to this new integrated system. Similarly, if the wireless charger were to mess up, it could be a pricey fix.

Beyond all of this, both C4 models feature some pretty nice safety features—crash detection (through the app), theft detection, integrated lights, Find My Bike, and more.

Both bikes (and their forks) are made of tried-and-true 6061 aluminum, feature Gates carbon belt drives, and 47c Cowboy custom tires. They’ll be available in September for € 2.490 ($3,000 USD), but you can pre-order them starting today.

It’s also of note that Cowboy isn’t available in the U.S. as of yet, but the company plans to expand into the States within “the next 12 months.”

Source: Cowboy

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