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Wyze is Increasing Prices Due to the Global Material Shortages

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Wyze is announcing a new price increase for some of its products—like the Wyze Video Doorbell and the Wyze Cam v3—starting on May18. However, it is bolstering these increases by including shipping charges into the new prices. 

The company’s cofounders cited “huge cost increases on almost every material used to make smart products. The cost increases are mainly driven by silicon chips, but also include memory, plastics, metals, packaging, and more. We expect the cost of these key components to continue to rise over the next year.”

They go on to mention that they are expecting prices for Wyze products to remain volatile for the time being, but that they will attempt to keep up with these fluctuating costs. The cofounders decided to include the costs of shipping in the overall product price was “to include a positive change heavily requested from our communities.” This, they said, would align with the company’s values of transparency and make it easier to compare prices to other retail options. 

For now, the only two products impacted by prices are the Wyze Cam v3, which is increasing from $29.99 to $32.99 (including shipping), and the Wyze Video Doorbell, which is up to $54.98 from its previous $44.98 (including shipping). Special Cam Plus pricing will also increase “by the same amount.” Wyze didn’t specify when that will go into effect, but it did state that it’s likely more of their products will see increases as well in the future.

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