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This 3D Printer Uses Sawdust to Make Real Wood Stuff

desktop metal 3d printed wood
Desktop Metal

This week, a company named Desktop Metal announced its all-new 3D printers that use wood waste and sawdust for 3D printing, and it looks awesome. Yes, imagine using wood with your 3D printer to create all sorts of stuff.

The brand, Forust, looks to save trees by using wood waste to create sustainable wood products. Everything from home goods, furniture, and anything else that looks good with wood grains.

According to Desktop Metal, the technology utilizes sawdust and lignin, byproducts from the wood and paper industries, and turns them into beautiful products. However, many wood-printed items look more like MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or plywood than actual things crafted from real wood after looking through the website. Still, it’s a neat approach to 3D printing while also being easier on the planet.

Forust 3D printed wood
Desktop Metal, Forust

Desktop Metal CEO Ric Fulop said, “There are many applications where polymers and plastics are used today where you can now cost-effectively replace with sustainably manufactured wood parts—luxurious high-end components in interiors, consumer electronics, instruments, aviation, boats, home goods, and eventually in flooring and exterior roofing applications.”

Forust is repurposing and upcycling wood with 3D printing technology. It can create all sorts of products from existing wood, rather than cutting down trees. As of now, it looks like the website already has items including bowls, flower pots, car shift knobs, and random home products or furniture. Moving forward, the company wants to build anything and everything from upcycled wood.

via Gizmodo 

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