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Nintendo Could Be Prepping a New Switch with a Better Display for Next Year

The Nintendo Switch is a bigger hit than I think even Nintendo imagined it would be, but despite how much people love it, there’s one glaring issue: the display is kind of garbage.

In the current model Switch, a 6.2-inch 720p LCD panel is used. That means it’s not only low resolution, but it’s also washed out—basically the perfect storm of “ugh this is bad” for a display. While one could argue that 720p isn’t awful on a display of that size (and it’s great for battery life), it’s almost inexcusable to use an LCD panel is a device made for gaming.

Nintendo is apparently aware of this, as the company is said to be prepping a newer version of the Switch for next year. According to The Wall Street Journal, this new version could come with an LED display instead of an LCD. That on its own will be a huge improvement to the experience, as LED’s are capable of producing much richer colors than LCDs. It would also be nice if some sort of anti-glare coating was included on the display for improved visibility, though that’s probably just wishful thinking.

The addition of LED could also make for a thinner overall console, as well as improve the battery life—both welcome additions to any device. Again, it’s still unclear which exact changes will be made, as Nintendo is still discussing its options. One thing is certain, however: the company is looking to improve sales for the console, which have dropped slightly since the initial release.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Engadget

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