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Everything Samsung Announced at its “Bespoke” Event

A refrigerator covered in pop artwork.

Samsung wants to “Bespoke” your whole home, and while that drive started with refrigerators the company is expanding in a big way. Soon the company will release Bespoke dressers, shoe stands, air purifiers, ovens, and microwaves. How much will it cost? We’re guesting “lots.”

Samsung previously announced Bespoke refrigerators, but in its latest event the company provided a lot more information about them. As the name suggests, Bespoke refrigerators are “tailored” to your home. That can mean buying a traditional french-door style unit, or a skinny one-door fridge. The latter option is modular and comes in several form factors.

You can buy one of the “skinny fridges” in a one-door column form factor, or a two-door option with a bottom-mount fridge. And if you start small, you can upgrade later and add a second option in either one-door or two-door, joining them together for a larger overall fridge.

But that isn’t where the “Bespoke” aspect ends, you can also choose the color of your fridge, Champagne Rose Steel, Navy Steel, and Matte Black Steel in North America, or add artwork from renowned artist Andy Rementer.

A Samsung cordless vacuum, robot vacuum, air purifier, and mini-fridge.

Leaving the refrigerators, Samsung also announced a Bespoke oven range, over-the-range microwave, and dishwasher in a variety of colors that match the refrigerator options. Leaving the kitchen, you’ll find the new Bespoke AirDresser. It serves a lot like a closet you hang your shirts and coats in. But once inside, the Airdresser will sanitize your clothing. The new Bespoke ShoeDresser, likewise, dehumidifiers and deodorizes your shoes.

Samsung will also launch a Bespoke Jet cordless vacuum and a Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum. The cordless vacuum comes with a cleaning station that lets it self-empty, while the Jet Bot AI+ uses LiDAR and 3D sensors to plan an optimal cleaning path.

Finally, a new Bespoke Air Purifier will use five panels to pull in air from all around the room and remove “99.999 percent of 0.01µm dust.” The purifier will sync up with the SmartThings app to give you clean reports.

Samsung also announced a Bespoke Cube mini-fridge and a Bespoke water purifier, but it plans to only sell them in the Korean market for now.

We don’t know exact release dates or pricing for any of the Bespoke products. Samsung said that most of the products should release in the second half of 2021, with more details to come closer to launch.

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