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LEGO Brings ‘Friends’ Back in Their Shiny Apartments

The LEGO 'Friends' Apartment set on a table

When LEGO premiered the Friends Central Perk Ideas set, we assumed that would be the last time the company would visit the iconic show. After all, most Ideas licensed sets are one-offs. But apparently, we’re getting a second season! This time it’s the one with the Friends’ apartment.

When you think about it, a LEGO Friends apartment set is perfect. There’s no way anyone in real life could have afforded those apartments in New York City on those kinds of salaries. But at $150, this set brings the iconic dwelling spaces down to a reasonable price.

And although $150 isn’t a cheap LEGO set, the company did go all out. For your money, you get 2,048 pieces, including new Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, Joey, and Janice (Chandler’s ex) Minifigures, wearing classic outfits from the show. Check out Ross’s leather pants! They’re tight! (literally)

the LEGO apartment set, with an adjoining hallway.

The set even comes with props to reenact your favorite scenes, like the one where the boys only had a canoe for furniture or the one where Monica put the Thanksgiving turkey on her head. You get both iconic apartments and the adjoining hallway between the two. You can connect them up or display them separately.

But it’s not just a recreation of the apartments as seen in the show, look up, and you’ll see a fun touch—studio lights. Instead of going for an in-universe look, it looks more like a TV studio set. Unfortunately, you probably can’t find out what’s behind the secret door in Monica’s apartment, as the sets don’t include any adjoining rooms like bedrooms. It does make up for it with a sweet balcony view and a foosball table, though.

The Friends Apartment set will go on sale for $150 on May 19 for VIP members, followed by a wider release date of June 1, 2021.

Bringing all the Friends together

LEGO The 'Friends' Apartments

If you love ‘Friends’ don’t miss out on this set. After all, you too can finally afford the Friends’ apartments.

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