Finally, an Excuse to Get Your Nintendo Switch Out in Math Class

The Calculator for Nintendo Switch app.

While you’re playing Monster Hunter Rise, I’m out here doin’ equations on my Nintendo Switch. You heard that right—four years after its release, the Switch finally has a scientific calculator app. And it looks just like the old iPhone calculator! And it costs $10 … You’re never going to download this app, are you?

Published by Sabec, the “Calculator” app takes advantage of the Switch’s large display and powerful processor, providing easy-to-read answers for all your hard-to-understand math problems. It works in TV or handheld mode, and somehow takes up 53MB of storage (in other words, Switch Calculator is 20 times larger than Google’s Android Calculator).

Calculator (2.0) on the iPhone.
Calculator (2.0) on the iPhone. Apple

But the Calculator app’s standout feature is probably its design. It’s a near-identical clone of the old iPhone calculator, from the button layout to the color palette. Hey, Apple designed its calculator with inspiration from a real-world source, so what’s the harm in taking inspiration from Apple?

If you want a quick throwback to the early days of iPhone, go ahead and download the $10 Nintendo Switch Calculator from the eShop. Just promise me that you’ll livestream the gameplay or do a speedrun of some math problems.

Source: Nintendo via The Verge

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