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Lenovo’s Latest Accessories Are for Productivity on the Go

A Lenovo Go mouse next to a Lenovo Go power bank

For many people, the days of working from home and canceled trips are coming to an end. To help power our future mobile days, Lenovo announced two new “Go” branded accessories: a 20,000 mAh portable battery and a wireless mouse that simultaneously charges or connects to three different devices.

Lenovo plans a series of devices under the new Go brand, but we’re getting the battery and mouse to start. The Lenovo Go USB-C 20,000 mAh Laptop Battery’s big claim to fame is the ability to charge three devices simultaneously. That’s thanks to two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. One of the ports is actually an integrated USB-C cable, so that’s one less cable you have to worry about remembering.



And thanks to the dual USB-C ports, you can charge the battery and charge two devices simultaneously. The battery is capable of 65-watt charging, which should be enough to power most laptops, let alone tablets and phones. And at 20,000 mAh capacity, while the battery isn’t the smallest on the market, it should be enough to fully charge a laptop, or mobile accessories several times. Lenovo says it takes about three hours to charge the battery.

A mosue with removeable top and slot for a USB-C dongle


Lenovo is also well-known for its computer mouse accessories, and the latest Lenovo Go Multi-Device Mouse does exactly what the name suggests—connect to all your devices. Thanks to both Bluetooth and USB-C dongle capabilities, it can connect to three devices simultaneously. A button just below the scroll wheel lets you switch which device you’re using.

The front of a computer mouse with an open slot for a USB-C charging cable

You should be able to use the mouse on nearly any surface, thanks to the blue optical sensor built into the mouse. And Lenovo says the rechargeable mouse will last up to three months before it needs a top-up. Fifteen minutes of charging will get you a week of use, and it will fully recharge in an hour and a half. You have options for charging too, either through USB-C or through QI wireless if you have a charging pad.

The mouse comes with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable; it supports Bluetooth 5.0, swift pair, Windows, and Chrome (sorry, macOS users).

Lenovo didn’t announce pricing or release dates for either product, but we’ll follow up when it does.

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