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The Truth is Out There with This Interactive UFO Sighting Map

US Navy footage of a UFO
US Navy

If you’re like me and watched literally every UFO show on Netflix this past year, or the X-Files on repeat, then you’ll love this interactive map of UFO sightings in the United States. Whether you saw something weird in the night sky while walking the dog, or are just curious, it’s worth a look.

We may not know if there’s life on other planets, but our government might. Either way, this interactive Arcgis map found by Nerdist will at least give you a good idea of where UFOs or random unmanned aerial vehicles are seen the most in the USA. It shows all the reported sightings from a given time or place and combines them into one big map.

The site combines a regular map of the United States with info gathered from the National UFO Reporting Center, and it’s pretty neat. The company actually has a dataset between 1910 and the end of 2014, but the map only shows 1997-2015. You can see as the years increase, sightings do too, or at least the reports increase.

UFO sightings on an interactive map

While the timelapse from that 18 year period is neat, the site lets you take things a step further and single out specific locations, dates, or times. That way, you can look back to the exact area where you remember your alien encounter, and see if anyone else reported one too.

The filter to see all historical UFO sightings is my personal favorite, and whenever the U.S. government shares more information with us regular folks, you can look them up on this map. Either way, this neat interactive map should give you a full sense of where Americans see the most unexplained sights in the skies.

Are you a believer? With all the cameras and smartphones in the hands of millions of people these days, I’m still waiting to see something more concrete before I’m fully on board.

via Nerdist

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