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Oculus Quest Update Puts You Inside Games With Just an iPhone

Oculus Mixed Reality overlay

Oculus Quest owners will be happy to learn that their headsets are about to get even better. After a big update a few weeks ago, today, Oculus announced software v29 with mixed reality overlay and capture on iPhone, phone notifications inside the headset, and much more.

This is a big update packed with features. That said, it’s the new “Live Overlay” mode allowing owners to easily add and capture mixed reality with nothing more than an iPhone. Basically, being able to put yourself inside the game, then watch or capture a video of said game, like this.

Previously, if you wanted to put yourself into a VR game or app, it required connecting a powerful PC, camera, wiring everything up, and even using a green screen. Obviously, none of that is ideal, which is why with Oculus update v29, you can do it with an iPhone.

According to Oculus, this works with the iPhone XS or newer and any VR app that supports casting and recording. Also, the update adds support to capture anything you say with the built-in microphone. That way, users can capture their voices while recording a clip.

See phone notifications inside the Oculus Quest headset

Another fun new addition is the option to include your phone notifications inside the headset. This way, you don’t have to take off the Oculus headset to see an incoming text or email on your phone. Instead, pair your iPhone to the headset and see anything important as it comes in. This is only for iOS, but Oculus confirmed it’s on the way for Android, too.

Additionally, Oculus adds some features to the original Quest that recently came to the Quest 2, like multi-user accounts and App sharing. That way, more than one person can use and enjoy the same headset. And no, secondary accounts will not see your phone notifications.

Finally, a Files app will show up in your app folder after this update. Having a dedicated files app will allow you to download and upload media files “to and from your favorite websites” with the headset browser. And last but not least, Oculus added a shortcut for its Passthrough feature. That way, you can quickly toggle Passthrough to see the real world without taking off the headset.

This is a big update but remember that Oculus rolls these out gradually, so it may be a short wait before seeing it on your device.

via The Verge

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