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The New Daily Bugle is the Tallest LEGO Marvel Set Ever

A closeup of a LEGO Daily Bugle sign

In the world of Spider-Man, the Daily Bugle serves as the iconic location of Peter Parker’s day job and one of this greatest nemesis—J. Jonah Jameson. LEGO just debuted its take on the classic building, and it went tall. Super tall. The $299 3,772 piece set stands nearly three feet tall.

Despite its comic book origins, the LEGO Daily Bugle is a set for adults. It’s a three-story building with a back alley area and front street. Inside the building, you’ll find offices for J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker, Betty Brant, and a newsroom area. The entire set is modular, so you can remove walls and even floors.

A man standing next to a nearly 3-foot tall LEGO Daily Bugle set

Better yet, you can change the look of the Daily Bugle for “action sequences.” The ground floor has an “explosion” look; on the second floor, you can make Green Goblish smash through the windows for a confrontation with Peter Parker and more.

And if all that isn’t enough, the 25 (yes 25) minifigs should help you set up an epic battle you want. You’ll, of course, get Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson. But other notable entries include exclusive figures like Daredevil and Blade. You’ll also get your fill of villains and heroes alike, from Spider-Gwen to Black Cat, Carnage, and Mysterio.

Due to its complicated build, LEGO rated the Daily Bugle set for adults 18 and up. It will cost $299 when it releases on June 1st. You can check out the LEGO site for more information.

Nearly Three Feet tall

LEGO Daily Bugle

At nearly three feet tall, this is one of the tallest sets in the LEGO Marvel universe. You get a full Daily Bugle building, 25 minifigs, and a ton of fun.

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