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PopSockets Now Sells MagSafe-Compatible Phone Grips and Wallets

The MagSafe PopGrip.

One of the iPhone 12’s biggest quirks is its flat edges, which can make the phone difficult to use with one hand. Now, PopSockets is selling PopGrips and PopWallets that attach to the iPhone 12 magnetically, providing an easy and comfortable way to hold your phone without giving up MagSafe charging.

PopSockets first announced its MagSafe-compatible products late last year. The company then debuted a line of PopSlide grips that can slide up and down the back of the iPhone 12 without obstructing MagSafe charging. Now, we’re getting the real deal—magnetic PopSockets.

The first products in PopSockets’ MagSafe lineup are the PopGrip and PopWallet+. Both grips attach to your iPhone magnetically and are relatively easy to pull off, though still secure enough to hold. The MagSafe-compatible PopGrip and PopWallet+ also feature hot-swappable PopTops, providing oodles of customization (if you own a bunch of PopTops).

That said, these ain’t your grandma’s phone grips. PopSockets suggests using these grips with a MagSafe-compatible phone case, and says that you shouldn’t hold your iPhone 12 in the air by its magnetically-attached PopGrip. While we haven’t tested them yet, it seems like the MagSafe PopSockets aren’t as secure as their adhesive counterparts.

The MagSafe PopSockets are also a bit expensive. At $30, the MagSafe PopGrip is three times the price of regular PopGrips, and the $40 MagSafe PopWallet+ is nearly twice the price of other PopWallets. I guess that’s the price of a good MagSafe accessory!

You can order the MagSafe PopGrip and PopWallet+ now on PopSockets’ website. If you’re afraid that the MagSafe PopSockets won’t be secure enough, consider buying the PopSlide, which costs just $15 and won’t obstruct wireless charging.

MagSafe PopGrip

The PopSockets MagSafe PopGrip connects to your iPhone 12 magnetically, allowing you to swap it out for other accessories on the fly.

MagSafe PopWallet+

PopSockets’ MagSafe PopWallet+ can hold three cards at a time and includes a customizable phone grip. It attaches to your iPhone 12 magnetically, so you can remove it at any time.

PopSockets SlideStretch

PopSockets’ SlideStretch now fits the iPhone 12! It grips to the sides of your phone and can slide up and down, providing room for wireless chargers and MagSafe accessories.

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