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Flexispot Kana Bamboo Standing Desk Review: Sturdy, Quiet, and Gorgeous

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Price: $479
Top-down view of Flexispot Kana Bamboo Standing Desk with books, laptop, and other trinkets on it
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

I’d never used a standing desk before trying out Flexispot’s Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, but now that I have, I don’t think I want to go back to my old desk. It’s gorgeous and helps me stay more active throughout my workday.

The natural bamboo desktop has a neutral and clean look that brightens up my home office, and its quiet motor quickly adjusts between sitting and standing heights with ease. The model I tested has a rectangular desktop that measures 55 x 28 inches, which is more than large enough for me to sprawl out and comfortably set up all of my tech as well as a few accessories, like a lamp and a speaker. After spending two weeks using the desk every single day, I still can’t believe what a good value this desk is, especially given its sub-$500 price tag.

Flexispot’s Kana standing desk is easy to use, and I genuinely love it. Plus, knowing that I could keep working comfortably while stretching my legs or standing on my balance board helped me feel better physically throughout the workday, and by the end of each workday. It’s perfect for anyone wanting an affordable standing desk for their home office.

Setup: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

View of desk flipped upside down to see crossbar, control box, and hand switch
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

The Kana’s frame and desktop were shipped separately from two warehouses, but both arrived without a scratch. Both boxes were quite heavy—which could be an annoyance for those who need to lug them up a flight of stairs—but I wasn’t bothered by it because it made me think that the components were going to be heavy duty and high quality. And it turns out I was right.

The desktop, hand switch, plugs, lifting columns, and cross beams all feel super high quality.  None of the parts feel cheap or like the manufacturer had cut corners at any point. Everything seems smartly designed and well thought out.

For the most part, setup was easy; all I needed was my cordless drill. There were even a few predrilled holes to guide the process but several required me to bore larger holes, which was a little nerve-wracking on something that’s less than an inch thick. There are a few pages within the included instruction manual that could stand to be reworked for clarity, but if you have experience putting together furniture like this, you probably won’t have any issues.

The desktop also has predrilled holes on both the left and right side of one of its long sides, allowing you to choose which side of the desk you want to install the hand switch on. The switch itself isn’t large or clunky and easy to use from either side so it just comes down to your preference.

A few inexpensive zipper clips were included to help keep the inevitable mess of cords in check, but I found that they weren’t strong enough. They kept popping off and releasing the cables I had so neatly tucked away. I had to dip into my own collection of cable clips and whatnot to get things properly set up and secured. This was honestly kind of annoying, given that the desk does require a power cable and other elements to be fastened to the underside of the desktop.

The good news is that Flexispot does offer a cable management kit add-on for an additional $25 or a cable spine for an extra $22 if you don’t want to spend the time piecing together your own cable management solution. Either way, there’s plenty of room on the underside of the Kana to install a cable tray and, if you’re so inclined, to mount the power bricks for your computer and monitors so they stay out of the way and don’t clutter your work area.

Looks: Clean, Modern, and Quite Pretty

View of desk with laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other trinkets on it
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

Normally I tend towards darker-colored woods, so I was honestly a little hesitant about whether I’d like the looks of the Kana’s lighter bamboo style, especially with its bolder visual texture. It’s actually really nice, and I was only on the fence about it for five minutes or so before I realized how much I like it!

The neutral-colored desktop has a gorgeous modern look and it really brightened up my workspace, which was appreciated. It also makes for a beautiful background when I need to take photos of things—an added bonus. Flexispot lets you choose between a full rectangular desktop or the model with an inwardly-curved front for a little more room.

The desk’s two rectangular lifting columns (legs) do have a noticeably utilitarian design, but Flexispot also offers oval legs for anyone wanting something a little more stylish. The desk I tested has a black frame, but you can choose from grey or white as well. However, this isn’t a big deal to me overall as the columns are incredibly sturdy and never felt wobbly or flimsy, which is way more important.

Desktop Size: Spaciously Comfortable

Top-down view of the desk with just a keyboard, monitor, and mouse on it
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

The model I tested was the rectangular desktop, which measures 55 x 28 inches and is the middle of the range size that Flexispot offers. You can go for the smaller 48 x 24-inch size desktop or upgrade to the 60 x 30-inch size.

I use a single 32-inch monitor and a 14-inch laptop that sits on a small riser. That size desk leaves me plenty of room for my keyboard, mouse, lamp, speakers, tissues, and other assorted clutter with room to spare. I’ve never had a large setup and have previously only ever used small desks, so I quickly came to appreciate having a little extra room even if I don’t use it all. This desk lets me set everything up comfortably and I’ve never once felt crowded. I imagine it could fit a second monitor and more gear without issue.

This particular model has Flexispot’s Pro: 2-Stage Frame, which can hold up to 220 pounds of gear. That’s pretty darn decent for those who do have heftier setups. You can also upgrade to the Pro: 3-Stage Frame that can hold up to 275 pounds if you want. As is, though this desk offers me plenty of space while still managing not to take up a ton of space overall in my home office set up, and I imagine it’ll fit comfortably in the average home office as well.

The Control Panel: Extremely Easy to Use

Close-up of the Flexispot Kana's hand switch control panel with LED display and preset buttons
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

Because I had never used a standing desk before, I was a little nervous about dealing with the desk’s hand switch control panel. I was worried there would be tons of complicated settings and options and that I’d have to get an advanced degree to work it properly. Lucky for me, I was worried about nothing, and the Kana is actually quite easy to use.

The model I tested came with Flexispot’s Advanced Keypad, as opposed to its Standard or Basic Keypad options. This version offers two manual height adjustment buttons, three programmable preset buttons, a button that lets you save a particular height to a present, and a sit-stand reminder button that’ll let you set a timer and beep and remind you to get up and stretch if you’ve been sitting for a long time. There’s also a simple energy-efficient LED panel to the left where you can see the height or adjust the reminder timer.

And that’s it. There really isn’t a learning curve here, and there are no other complicated tricks. For what it’s worth, the Standard Keypad does the same thing but doesn’t have the premium look of the Advanced model, and the Simple Keypad only has up and down arrows. I was thrilled at how easy the hand switch was to us and that it felt high quality to the touch.

Height Adjustment: Great Range, Decent Speed

Corner view of desk, with laptop and keyboard on it
Kevin Bonnett / Review Geek

The desk came with the EC3B frame. Height-wise, it can automatically adjust anywhere from 28.1 inches up to 47.4 inches, and it can extend through the entire range in just under 18 seconds. I’m under 5’6″ and my partner is well over 6′, and both of us were able to find a comfortable height to sit and stand at.

This desk offers three programmable preset buttons that work with a single press. I used them to program my preferred desk heights for when I am sitting, standing, and standing on my balance board. The desk’s dual motors are also whisper quiet, registering at less than 50dB; the noise is noticeable but it won’t rouse a sleeping baby or annoy you as you adjust it throughout the day. Additionally, the desk does not wobble when it moves up and down; you won’t have to worry about your monitor, lamp, and glass of water tipping over.

I also love that the desk has a built-in timer that reminds me to stand up every so often. The timer defaults to 45 minutes, but you can tweak that as needed. It’s a simple touch that goes above and beyond. There’s not much else to say here—the Flexispot Kana makes adjusting desk height easy and it does it well.

Conclusion: Wonderful Desk, Even Better Value

After spending two weeks using the Flexispot Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, I’ve become a total convert. It has honestly been a pleasure to use this standing desk every day. I appreciate how easy it is to use, how quiet the motor is, and how it gives me more than enough space for all my gear. I also appreciate the desk’s neutral, stylish design and how much room it offers.

The desk’s high-quality components have held up to my rigorous daily usage. I lean on it a lot when I’m standing, I change heights multiple times each day, I’m fidgety, and I type heavily. Never once has the Kana felt wobbly, flimsy, or unreliable. I also love how easy it is to change the height and switch between presets.

Though I wish the instructions were a pinch more robust and better cable management options were included, the desk really doesn’t have any other shortcomings. And at its sub-$500 price point, it’s an easy recommendation for literally anyone looking for a high-quality standing desk for their home or office.

Rating: 9/10
Price: $479

Here’s What We Like

  • Excellent Value
  • Smart, Attractive Design
  • Incredibly Sturdy

And What We Don't

  • Instruction Booklet Could Be More Clear
  • Should Come with Better Cable Management Options

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