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Go to Dungeon, Do Not Collect 200 GP: ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Arrives on ‘Monopoly’

Monopoly: Dungeons & Dragons box, board, money, tokens, and cards, laid out on a surface
The Op Games

Fans of the iconic Dungeons & Dragons RPG might be shocked to learn that the game translates shockingly well to Monopoly form. Don’t believe me? Roll an insight check and see yourself with your own copy of MONOPOLY: Dungeons & Dragons!

In the game, you’ll be racing around the board to purchase all of the best monsters instead of properties. Goodbye Park Place and Illinois Avenue, hello Tarrasque, Mind Flayer, Storm Giant, and Bugbear. Plus, the 16 Chance Cards are renamed Encounters Cards, while the 16 Community Chest Cards are now called Treasure Cards.

And don’t think for one second that just because this is a board game you won’t get to role-play your character. The board game offers up specific character class tokens for you to play, like a Halfling Rogue, Dwarven Cleric, Tiefling Bard, Human Wizard, or Elven Ranger.

As you advance your properties, you’ll add on Expeditions (houses) and eventually Bases (hotels). And while the game includes two standard black-on-white D6 (six-sided) dice, we’d understand if you wanted to use your own (cooler and better-rolling) dice collection instead, just in case.

You can buy the fun Dungeons & Dragons-themed variant of the classic board game now from The OP Games for $39.99. And just like your weekly D&D sessions, this will also take six hours to play through. Don’t forget to bring snacks!

A new version of both games

Monopoly: Dungeons & Dragons

Love Monopoly? Love Dungeons & Dragons? Play both at the same time with this clever and exciting variant board game.

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