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Nintendo Switch ‘Spy Alarm’ Turns Your Joy-Con Into a Laser Tripwire

The Sabec 'Spy Alarm' box art

Would you trust a Nintendo Switch to handle your home security? A new Spy Alarm app uses your Joy-Con’s IR sensor to create a laser tripwire, alerting you when an intruder crosses its invisible path. For $10, the Spy Alarm is … well, it’s for kids, and it’s cheaper than a real-world SpyX motion alarm toy.

Spy Alarm comes from Sabec, the developer responsible for the Nintendo Switch Calculator and Xylophone apps, which both cost $10. Sabec is getting a ton of coverage because its Calculator app became a bit of a meme, garnering sarcastic reviews, livestreams, and speedruns. The new Spy Alarm app seems to be an attempt to continue the hype.

an image in the 'Spy Alarm' game.

But to Sabec’s credit, Spy Alarm seems like something that a kid may actually enjoy using (at least for a day or two). It turns your Joy-Con into a laser tripwire that, when crossed, sets off an alarm on your Switch. The tripwire has a range of one meter (about 3 feet), so like most of those real-world spy alarms, it works best in a hallway or doorway.

If you’re a livestreamer or speedrunner looking for funny content, go ahead and give the Spy Alarm a test run. But it goes without saying that, if you want to secure your home, you should stick to actual security hardware.

Source: Sabec via Engadget

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