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LEGO Teases a Big Announcement and We Have No Idea What It Is

An outline of a LEGO brick with glowing studs.

Every so often LEGO announces something so big, it sets new records like the tallest Marvel set ever, or most pieces in a single settwice. But now LEGO has something truly big coming and—well frankly we don’t know what it is. But the teaser has us thinking.

The pre-announcement announcement comes to us by way of a tweet, and it reveals almost nothing. Click on the video in the tweet and you’ll be treated to a black and white outline of a LEGO brick with very colorful studs. The outlines glow and fade, and the studs themselves go through several special effects.

What could it all mean? Honestly, we don’t know for certain. It could be a follow-up to LEGO VIDIYO, which feels unlikely. It could be a new set of containers in collaboration with IKEA. But neither of those ideas seem worthy of the words “big announcement.”

A LEGO Disney Castle with lit-sections.
Josh Hendrickson / Review Geek

If you want a pie in the sky guess, perhaps it’s new LED-lit LEGO sets. You can buy aftermarket kits right now to light up your existing LEGO sets, but they’re expensive and require lots of work. Most of the time it entails partially disassembling a set and reassembling with LED-embedded custom bricks. They do, however, look really great if you go through the effort (see this author’s LEGO Disney Castle above).

Or perhaps LEGO is expanding into furniture and smart home, and we’ll soon see LEGO-shaped smart lights. Unfortunately, we won’t really know until LEGO tells u on June 26th. That at least rules out a LEGO Masters announcement, as the second season starts on June 1st. But when LEGO does tell us more, we’ll let you know.

Josh Hendrickson Josh Hendrickson
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