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Twitter Accidentally Confirms Subscription Service with “Undo Tweet” Button

an image of the Twitter Blue introductory page.
Jane Manchun Wong

It looks like Twitter is getting ready to launch its rumored subscription service. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered and tested a $3 per month “Twitter Blue” in-app purchase on Twitter’s App Store page, revealing exclusive features like an undo Tweet button, a reader mode for long threads, and more.

On May 15th, Jane Manchun Wong reported that Twitter is working on a service called Twitter Blue. Her reports were confirmed when Twitter added the subscription service to its App Store listing on May 27th. Wong somehow managed to sign up for the service, which isn’t actually available yet, and had the chance to dig around for some of its features.

images of the Twitter Blue signup process
Screenshots proving that Wong accessed Twitter Blue. Jane Manchun Wong

Along with an undo button, Wong says that Twitter Blue will feature a reader mode for long threads and the ability to save tweets in Collections. Unlike Twitter’s Bookmarks feature, Collections lets users organize their saved tweets into separate folders.

Twitter Blue also includes some exclusive customization options, like a colored timeline and swappable Twitter app icons. Unfortunately, the inclusion of these features in Twitter Blue means that they are unlikely to find their way to regular users.

images of Twitter Blue's customization features.
Jane Manchun Wong

Social media platforms are trying to diversify their revenue stream, due in part to the impact that Apple’s new privacy tools have on advertising dollars. Twitter recently told Bloomberg that it’s working on new money-making features and has since announced Super Follow and Tip Jar.

In other words, Twitter Blue won’t be the only paid service on the Twitter platform. But we still don’t know when Twitter Blue will launch or how Wong got access to the subscription in the first place. For breaking info on Twitter Blue, follow Wong on Twitter.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong via Engadget

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