Dell’s New QHD 49-Inch Monitor is Extra Wide, Regular Height

Today Dell announced a new crazy ultra-wide into its UltraSharp monitor lineup. The Dell U4919DW is packed with immersive specs and boasts the first QHD 49-inch ultra-wide display on the market. It’s kind of a super-ultra-wide.

The U4919DW stands out from other 32:9 monitors (not that there are many) because it has a massive resolution to match the massive screen; the dual QHD monitor has a resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels. Other 49-inch monitors, like the Samsung LC49HG90DMNXZA, only have a 1080p vertical resolution. Still, this is monitor is ultra-wide and regular-tall. If you want a monitor that’s ultra-wide and ultra-tall, then you should consider buying a TV.

Like most new monitors, the U4919DW has a curved screen. And because the thing is so dang wide, its 178 degree curve will take up most of a user’s visual field. This curved screen, paired with the U4919DW’s 1000:1 contrast ratio and 99% sRGB support, should offer a better sense of immersion than any other ultra-wide displays on the market.

Geared toward multi-taskers, the Dell U4919DW has a USB-C input, two HDMI inputs, and a DisplayPort input. The monitor works with Dell’s Display Manager app and supports keyboard/video/mouse functionality, so users have the option to toggle between two machines on the same display. This feature should appeal to graphic designers, programmers, gamers, and any other users who need MORE SCREEN.

If you’re super excited to see this monitor (like I am), then the price might break your heart: Dell has set the U4919DW at $1,699. It will be available in the US on October 26th.

via Dell

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