Walk to a Beat With Google Fit’s New Paced Walking Activity

Paced Walking in Google Fit.
Android Police

When you don’t feel like running or riding a bike, a brisk walk is often the best way to fit some cardio in your day. That’s why Google Fit now features a Paced Walking activity that lets you set each step of your workout to a beat.

Available now in the Fit Android app (not iOS or Wear OS), Paced Walking starts with a default goal of 100 steps per minute—which is pretty brisk! Once you start your workout, Fit will constantly beep in the background to let you know when you need to make each step. You can adjust your pace through the Fit app at any time during your workout.

You can still listen to music or podcasts while using Paced Walking, although you will hear a constant stream of beeps in the background. Be warned: the beeping may be annoying if you’re listening to music. Try Paced Walking with podcasts or audiobooks if you don’t like how it interferes with music.

Google is rolling out Paced Walking now. A card explaining the feature should pop up if Paced Walking is available on your device (if not, you may need to wait a few days for the feature to finish its rollout). Paced Walking is not available on Fit for iOS or Wear OS, though it may arrive in the future.

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Source: Google via Android Police

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