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Tech You Can Upgrade Your Kid’s Room with

best tech to upgrade your kid's room with
Glance Clock/Elenco/Amazon

Upgrading your kid’s room with certain tech can make everyone’s life easier. They can wake up easier with smart bulb schedules and techy alarm clocks. And learning might even become more fun for them with products like tablets, smart speakers, and interactive maps.

Before bringing technology into their bedroom, you might want to have a discussion with your child about using technology responsibly. Rest assured there’s an advantage to using every item on this list, though; some of our staff even use these products in their kids’ bedrooms.

Smart Bulbs

LIFX Color A19 1100 LUMENS

A smart bulb is an easy way to upgrade your kid’s room technologically. Using one of these smart bulbs can make it a little more fun for your kids to turn off the lights when it’s time to go to bed. Just a little bit, though.

  • Wyze Smart Bulbs: These smart bulbs from Wyze are 9.5W LED bulbs, equivalent to 60W, and they can produce up to 800 lumens. You can change the white color temperature and dim the Wyze bulbs through either the Wyze app (Android/iOS) or voice controls via Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also set schedules for your Wyze bulbs to turn off and on at specific times, helping your kid better understand when it’s bedtime and when it’s time to wake up.
  • LIFX Color A19 Bulbs: LIFX’s smart bulbs can produce up to 1100 lumens, equivalent to 75W, over a wide variety of colors. You can dim these bulbs, set them up on a schedule, and even set specific moods or scenes through the companion app (Android/iOS). In addition, LIFX bulbs are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and more virtual assistants.
  • C by GE Smart LED Bulb: Like the Wyze smart bulbs, these from GE also work with voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant or through their app (Android/iOS). They are 9.5W, equivalent to a 60W bulb, and can easily be dimmed and incorporated into a schedule or routine. They even go beyond a range of white colors; your kid can have fun changing their lights to pretty much any color in the rainbow.

Neat Amazon Tech

amazon echo dot kids tiger design

If you use Amazon tech throughout your household, these gadgets are a fun way to extend that ecosystem into your kid’s room. These Amazon-specific items will help connect their room to the rest of the house and are even able to work with the smart bulbs listed above.

  • Echo Dot Kids (4th Gen): Having an Echo Dot in your kid’s room is the easiest, smallest, most kid-friendly way to let them use Alexa and her voice controls. With the Echo Dot, they can take advantage of the fun Alexa skills available and control music, smart bulbs, and other smart devices in their room. And the kids-specific version of the Echo Dot comes in a fun tiger or panda pattern and one full year of Amazon Kids+ for free.
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet: If you’ve wanted to give your kid a tablet to use for learning, reading, or watching fun videos, get this one. It’s a fully functional Fire tablet, but it comes in a kid-proof case and includes both a two-year worry-free return guarantee and a year of Amazon Kids+. If you’re worried about your kid getting too much screen time, you can set time and app limits with parental controls through Amazon Kids+. There’s also a 10-inch Fire Kids tablet and a 7-inch version to choose from; there’s no difference in functionality, just size.
  • Echo Show 5 Kids (2nd Gen): This is more of a stationary version of the Fire Kids tablet above. Although kids can move this around, it’s more of a table tablet than a handheld tablet. This, as with Amazon’s other official Kids products, comes with one year free of Amazon Kids+ and, therefore, super-easy parental controls. Your child can use the Echo Show for video calls, homework help from Alexa, audiobooks, fun videos, and more. They can even use it as an alarm clock for their bedside table.

Neat Google Tech

Google Nest Mini in charcoal, sky, and coral colors

If your household primarily uses Google tech, here are a few key items from that ecosystem you should think about putting in your child’s room.

  • Nest Mini: If you primarily use Google products throughout your home, you can’t go wrong with getting a Nest Mini for your kid’s room. It’s small and allows your kid to control their lights, music, and other things through voice controls. There are even some adorable Nest Mini holders that you can purchase to make it look more kid-like if your child is younger; there’s a Mickey Mouse one from Otterbox or fun animal shapes from Etsy like a unicorn or an elephant.
  • onn. 8″ Tablet Pro: If you want your kid to have a tablet to use for school, games, or watching videos, this one from onn. is a perfect option for Google households. It’s a fully functioning tablet running Android 10. And if you have younger kids, you’ll probably want to purchase a protective kid-proof case like this one from Fintie.

An Alarm Clock

glance clock
Glance Clock

Although it might not be the first thing that would come to mind, alarm clocks have actually gotten pretty tech-savvy. Many alarm clocks will connect to other smart devices and aid your child a bit more in getting up in the morning.

  • Lenovo Smart Clock: This smart clock from Lenovo closely resembles the Echo Show 5 Kids from Amazon. It can sit on your kid’s bedside table, display the time, and act as a smart alarm clock, with a ton of different audio and media alarm options. Your child can also use Google Assistant to give it commands to play music or videos, control other smart devices like smart bulbs, and more.
  • Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light: This wake-up light from Philips is a great, more natural way to encourage your child to wake up. It can simulate sunrises and sunsets, and it gives you five different wake-up sounds from which to choose. Of course, there’s an FM radio built-in as well.
  • Glance Clock: This wall-mounted smart clock shows the current time and date, of course, as well as information like upcoming appointments or the weather forecast if you want your kid to see this, too. Then, you can set up an alarm with a personal wake-up phrase. So, you could set it to use your child’s name paired with “Wake up” to get their attention a little easier than a generic alarm clock. There’s an app (free on Android/iOS) that makes it easy to control what’s displayed on the clock face.

Cool Night Lights


Night lights are a guaranteed hit for younger kids, but they’re great for older kids, too. And don’t worry—if your child thinks they’re too cool for the first two options, they’ll probably like the more modern-looking LED strip lights from Govee.

  • Star Projector Night Lights: This neat night light is a good choice for younger kids who are afraid of the dark, though even older kids might find it relaxing. It’s a globe light that projects stars onto the ceiling and the walls, and it has easy-to-use controls. You can set a timer for anywhere from 5 to 99 minutes and power it with batteries or a USB cord. And if you want it to stay on all night, simply use the included USB cord.
  • BlissLights Sky Lite: This is a slightly more mature night light; you might even want one for yourself after you see it in your kid’s room. It puts a galaxy-like projection on the ceiling and the walls. The max amount of time this one will stay on is four hours, so if you’re looking for an overnight night light, this one won’t work. But if you just need the light to be on until your kid falls asleep, this is a fantastic option.
  • Govee Smart LED Strip Lights: These LED light strips are super cool, and your child (or teen) will think so, too. You can set these up wherever you want to in the room, like under the bed frame, under a dresser or table, or lining the closet. And once they’re installed, they can be controlled via their app (free on Android/iOS) or a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. How cool is that?

Fun Interactive Products

zivko the robot

While not a necessary tech upgrade for your kid’s bedroom, these are all fun items that are still really cool nonetheless.

  • Magnetic Levitating Globe: This would be a really neat addition to your kid’s desk. The globe floats in midair, thanks to a magnetic force, between the top and bottom of the frame. You can even spin the globe and it’ll continue to spin for about 15 to 25 minutes.
  • Zivko The Robot: If your kid has shown an interest in engineering or any other technical field, this robot might help them dive into that passion even more. Zivko the robot is equipped with AI technology that helps it develop its own emotions and gestures just like a pet would. Zivko can either be set to Follow mode, where it follows whoever is closest, or Explore mode, where it wanders around your house on its own, avoiding obstacles and exploring.
  • i-Poster My World Interactive Map: This map might do wonders to get your child at least a little bit more interested in geography. It’s an interactive map, so it instantly makes the learning process more fun. They can learn the names of countries and their capitals, along with details like the language spoken there, its flag and population, and even fun facts about each place. The map can be hung on the wall or set down on the floor when in use.
  • Kidzlane Floor Piano Mat: If your kid is musical, energetic, or just needs an outlet to express creativity, this piano mat is a natural choice. This lays out on the floor and gives your child a full six feet to play around with eight different sounds. In addition, there are 10 classical tunes built-in that your kid can learn to play. Or, they can compose and record their own songs.

A Smart Camera for Younger Kids

A smart camera.

If you have a younger kid, having a smart camera in their room can help you keep an eye on them as they play, study, or sleep. Even if you’re physically in the house with them, you might not always be able to watch them from their room, which is where a smart camera comes in handy.

  • Nest Camera: For Google Households, this’ll be the camera for you. Nest Cam has 24/7 live streaming and even more features with Nest Aware, like continuous video recording and more intelligent alerts. There’s even an app (free on Android/iOS) that you can control the Nest Cam with.
  • Ring Camera: The Ring Camera is another great indoor camera option, especially for Amazon tech households. You can hear and speak to your kid through an app (free on Android/iOS) on your phone or tablet through the camera. There are also motion sensors that can trigger alerts to your phone; Alexa will also announce when motion is detected.
  • Wyze Cam Pan: This third camera option from Wyze is more affordable and works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Again, like the other cameras, it has the features you’d need like live streaming, two-way audio so you and your kid can communicate, and a great app (free on Android/iOS) to use with it.

Tech to Grow into


Though these might not be as necessary for a younger child, you’ll be happy these items are in the room as they start getting older.

  • SLEEPIQ K2 Bed: This is a Sleep Number bed for kids. It uses SleepIQ tech to show you how much and how well your child is sleeping every night, and it also lets you adjust their Sleep Number setting to help them get a better night’s rest. Sleep is critical for a growing child, this bed will help them through their childhood into their teenage years as their sleep patterns change. It comes in twin, full, and queen sizes.
  • Samsung 32-inch Frame TV: This TV from Samsung is such an amazing concept and flawlessly executed. When the TV is not in use, you can choose free artwork or pay for other artwork to display. Plus, it looks like a framed picture on the wall! So when your kid is younger, and you don’t want them to use or even know they have a TV in their room, you can display a piece of artwork. Then, when your kid gets older, you can reveal the secret.
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