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The Best Yoga Mat Bags For Your Mat, Accessories, And More

Your gym bag is great for a water bottle and some accessories, but yoga mats are long, bulky, and require their own bag—so here are our top picks!

Whatever your bag preference, and whatever your needs, we’ve found a yoga bag for you. Do you like tote bags? Backpacks? Perhaps you want something more stylish, or maybe more functional. Our list of best yoga bag roundups covers it all, so read on to find the best bag for you.

Best Yoga Tote Bag: YogiiiTote ($24)

Tote bags are great for tossing your random belongings all into one spot. With the YogiiiTote, you can have room to throw your keys, phone, water, towel, and yoga mat into the same tote bag with room to spare. Because it’s designed to fit a yoga mat, it is longer than most tote bags so the mat won’t fall out. Plus, its shape is straight on one side and slightly curved on the other to ensure the security of your items.

With this bag, you can comfortably carry your mat without it knocking your shoulder or sitting uncomfortably under your arm. And while the main opening of the YogiiiTote has room for your mat plus other items, there’s even a smaller pocket and a zippered pocket so you can separate and organize your items. Choose between 7 different colors with this simple-looking bag. Just note that mats ½ inches or more in thickness may be too big for the YogiiiTote.

If you want a tote bag, but you don’t want your mat sticking out of the top of the tote, check out this LUCKAYA Yoga Mat, which holds the strapped mat horizontally instead.

Best Yoga Backpack: Aurorae ($35)

Carrying around a yoga mat can be an inconvenience, especially if you favor hands-free mobility. This Aurorae Yoga Mat Backpack gives you that freedom when you put your yoga mat vertically into the side holder (where a bottle holder usually goes) and strap it in. And because your mat is held on the outside of the bag, you have so much room on the inside to put other items.

This backpack is 19” x 12” x 7”, with one main pocket, 2 smaller pockets, and a cup holder, along with a cell phone holder on the strap. Put your clothes, yoga towel, yoga block, or whatever you can fit inside this backpack, throw it over your shoulder, and you can be on your way! Lastly, this bag comes in 8 different colors and patterns, and can hold a yoga mat up to 5 pounds.

If you’re looking for a backpack that has a boho look and holds your yoga mat horizontally outside of the bag, then consider checking out the Kindfolk Yoga Mat Backpack.

Best Stylish Yoga Bag: ELENTURE ($16)

Part of yoga is about finding and expressing yourself, so why not get a yoga bag that reflects who you are? The ELENTURE Yoga Mat Bag is a long bag (26” x 6.8″) with 25 different patterns to choose from—everything from solid colors to patterns like strips, dotes, leaves, galaxies, and more. The colors and patterns plus the canvas fabric make this bag look durable, yet simplistic and chic.

While there are so many fashionable choices for the exterior of the ELENTURE Yoga Mat Bag, note that this bag doesn’t hold as much as other bags on this list. If you’re only focused on holding your mat and a few other essentials (like keys and a phone in the two side pockets), then this bag is great! And as long as your mat is less than a ½ inch thick, you’ll have no problem placing your mat inside the bag and zipping it up along the side for your next yoga session!

Best Yoga Mat Strap: Fit Spirit ($7)

Want a simple way to hold your yoga mat without any bells and whistles (or zippers and pockets)? Consider a Fit Spirit Yoga Mat Carrying Strap. Just slide your mat into the two adjustable loops and you’re ready to go. The weight of the mat will pull the loops tight so your mat will stay in place, similar to a slipknot.

This simple design comes in 6 different-colored straps to choose from. It’s also doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it’s super easy to carry around and store when it’s not in use. If you’re worried about whether your large, thick mat will fit then have no fear because the Fit Spirit can hold mats of all sizes—a great feature in terms of its multi-functionality. You can even use it as yoga strap in your sessions to stretch or assist you with your poses!

If you want something similar but with a little more support for your mat, check out this Gaiam On-The-Go Carrier, which can hold your mat in a similar manner.

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