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Wyze Expands Its New Home Monitoring System with Leak and Climate Sensors

A leak sensor with a probe reaching into a small crevice.

If you want a home security solution, it’s tough to argue with the price of Wyze’s system. It costs half as much or less than other competing systems. But one of the drawbacks is fewer sensor options. However, that’s about to get better: Wyze opened pre-orders for new leak and climate sensors today.

While the new sensors sound like smart home sensors, they still require the Wyze Home Monitoring base system to act as a hub. You can’t buy them standalone and make them work, though Wyze says just such an option might be in the works.

In typical Wyze fashion, the news sensors are competitively priced. First up is a new Leak Sensor, which will set you back $29.98, including shipping. The pack comes with three leak sensors that will easily fit under a sink or other likely places you might see a leak. It also comes with one probe you can connect to a leak sensor to reach even tighter spots.

If you need more probes, Wyze sells a two-pack for $14.98, including shipping. Wyze says the leak sensors have a 500-foot range and will last for 18 months before you need to replace the CR2450 battery.

Find any leak

Wyze Leak Sensor

Never worry about leaks again. The Wyze Leak Sensor is small, compact, and will last 18 months on a single charge.

In addition to the leak sensors, Wyze also opened up preorders for a new climate sensor. As the name suggests, this sensor tracks temperature and humidity in the rooms of your home. You can set up alerts when the temperature or humidity reaches a specified level, which could be helpful if you’re keeping an eye on plants or pets.

Unfortunately, the climate sensor doesn’t work in tandem with the Wyze Thermostat yet, but the company says that’s a planned feature for the future. The climate sensor has a 500-foot range, an 18-month life from a CR2032 battery, and a sticky adhesive back for mounting. You’ll pay $24.98 per sensor, and that includes shipping. Preorders open today.

Measure Humidity and Temperature

Wyze Climate Sensor

Although you’ll need the Wyze Monitoring System to use this sensor, it’s one of the least expensive climate sensors on the market.

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