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Lenovo Announces 6 Input Devices, 5 Monitors, 4 Audio Gadgets, 3 Power Options, 2 Turtle Doves, and a Webcam in a Pear Tree

Five of Lenovo's new accessories next to a Christmas tree in a white room
DMITRII SIMAKOV/Shutterstock.com, Lenovo

In addition to announcing several new Chromebooks and Windows Laptops, Lenovo just revealed an artillery of new accessories. The roster includes nearly everything you could think of, from monitors and headsets to power banks, webcams, keyboards, and more.

Though we first learned of these accessories, last month, it’s nice to see the full lineup and have additional details and pricing. Lenovo designed these peripherals with common productivity pressure points in mind, be it low battery when you’re away from your desk or low-quality audio on remote video calls. Obviously, the gadgets are aimed at hybrid workers, but they’re terrific options for anyone looking to upgrade their home office setups as well.

New Monitors

Lenovo L15 Mobile Monitor

Working from your laptop is fine when you’re on the go, but if you’re in an office, it’s worth using an additional monitor (or two). A reliable monitor makes it easier to view webpages, write reports, edit photos, and see everyone clearly on your video calls.

  • ThinkVision M15 Mobile Monitor: This 15.6-inch FHD monitor easily connects via USB-C, and supports passthrough so you won’t have to fumble with tons of cables. Its ergonomic and adjustable stand allows you to adjust the height to your liking, and it comes with a protective sleeve to keep it safe during travel. Pricing will start at $219 and it will be available in Q3 of 2021.
  • ThinkVision T24m-20 Monitor: If you’re looking for a larger monitor, this one’s a sure bet as it measures 23.8 inches. The FHD monitor is a single cable USB Type-C docking solution that supports data, video and audio, ethernet signal transfer, and up to 90W power delivery where compatible. It also supports multi-monitor daisy-chaining, and its mirrored power button can also turn on your PC. This one starts at $299 and will be available sometime during Q3 of 2021.
  • L15 Mobile Monitor: This lightweight, ultra-portable monitor gives you 15.6 inches of FHD IPS real estate while only weighing 860 grams. Like the others, it also boasts USB-C connectivity, supporting passthrough to two devices with video out, and an anti-glare coating so you can view the screen no matter how bright your room is. You can easily pivot from landscape to portrait mode, and the adjustable kickstand tilts back to 90 degrees for an ergonomic setup. Pricing starts at $229.99, and it’ll be available in September 2021.
  • L32p-30 Monitor: This 31.5-inch 4K IPS display supports HDR10 technology for 90 percent DCI-P3 color gamut accuracy. It also has two 3W speakers for listening to music or taking video calls, and a fleet of ports (HDMI 2.0, DP1.2, USB-C, and four USB 3.2) for connecting your favorite peripherals. It’s perfect for anything from photo editing to chatting on video calls, and it’ll be available in October 2021 from $449.99.
  • L27m-30 Monitor: Whether you’re typing code for work or taking a break with some light gaming, this monitor can keep up. The 27-inch FHD IPS panel screen has a 75Hz refresh rate and reduces low blue light without washing out your imagery. The ergonomic stand allows you to tilt pivot, lift, and swivel as necessary in order to find the perfect position. You can get one for your office in September 2021, starting at just $229.99.

Power Banks and Charging Kits

Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank

With a good battery bank at the ready, you won’t ever have to worry about your phone or notebook dying on you when you’re aren’t exactly near an outlet. These options are ready to keep your devices juiced all day.

  • Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank: Lenovo announced this one last month, but only just recently shared more details about it. The 20,000mAh bank claims it can charge three devices simultaneously, thanks to its two USB-C ports and single USB-A port. Plus, one of those ports is actually an integrated USB-C cable, which means you won’t always have to bring one along. It starts at $89.99 and is up for grabs in July.
  • Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit: This handy kit eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect a power cord throughout the day, like when you’re traveling. It can charge 13- or 14-inch notebooks up to 65W and is a great way to keep your device’s battery full throughout the day, no matter how or where you’re working. It’ll be available in October starting at just $39.99.
  • Lenovo Go Wireless Mobile Power Bank: Wanting something a little less bulky? With a 10,000mAh charging capacity, this bank still offers plenty of battery reserve but with a slightly smaller form factor. It can charge two devices at the same time, up to 30W, via USB-C or one at a time via wireless Qi. It’s up for grabs in January of 2022 starting at just $69.99.

Wired and Wireless Headsets

Lenovo GO Wired ANC Headset

Upgrade your audio during video calls, or while gaming or listening to music, with one of Lenovo’s new wired or wireless headset options. They’ll help keep your conversations a little more private when you’re working out in the field.

  • Lenovo Go Wired and Wireless ANC Headsets: Both offer the same stellar on-ear audio experience, complete with active noise cancellation, but they give you the option to choose a wired or wireless design. The wired option lets you connect either via USB-C or USB-A, while the wireless connects via Bluetooth across two devices. You can also connect the wireless model via USB-C and use it while it charges. Both are available starting in November 2021; the wired option starts at $99.99 and the wireless starts at $179.99.
  • Lenovo Go ANC In-ear Headphones: Bulky on-ear headphones not your thing? These in-ear alternatives are the way to go. Starting at $79.99, these headphones offer active noise cancellation and give you an ambient “talk through” mode with the tap of a button. They connect via USB-C and feature in-line buttons for playback controls and more. The headphones ship with three silicone ear tip sizes and will be available in November.
  • Lenovo Go Wired Speakerphone: Give your ears a break from all-day headset use and opt for a speakerphone that works with Microsoft Teams. Though it’s not as private as the headsets are, it can occasionally be a welcome alternative especially if you’re working from home. This will be available in October and starts at $99.99.

Mice and Keyboards

Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard, Wireless Vertical Mouse, and Wireless Numeric Keypad

Perhaps the most important peripherals you can have are a good mouse and keyboard. These are the items you’ll use the most throughout your workday, so they’d better be able to offer you the functionality you need to get your work done.

  • Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse: This mouse was first announced back in May, but now we have more details, like its starting price point of $59.99. As its name suggests, it can connect to up to three devices at a time via its Bluetooth and USB-C dongle capabilities; to switch between them, simply click the button below the scroll wheel. Plus, its blue optical sensor allows it to work on virtually any surface. It’ll last up to three months on a single charge, as well. It’s available in July of 2021.
  • Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Mouse: This lightweight, travel-friendly mouse is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go. Its rechargeable battery can work for as long as three months before needing another charge, and the precisions blue optical sensor lets it work on most surfaces. It also features a programmable utility button and gives you control over DPI sensitivity. It’ll be available in July starting at $39.99.
  • Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse: If you use your mouse all day every day, this mouse’s unique “handshake” configuration can help ease wrist pressure and forearm strain. The optimized angle and curvature offer ergonomic comfort and its UV-coated cork material has a comfortable feel that’s also easy to clean. 2400DPI and six programmable buttons allow you to add a little personalization, too. This mouse starts at $49.99 and will be available in August 2021.
  • Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard: Traditional keyboards are great, but they aren’t exactly ergonomic. This split keyboard offers a more ergonomic design that’ll keep your arms in a more natural position and help reduce wrist stress while you type. You’ll be able to grab one for yourself in October, and it starts at just $89.99.
  • Lenovo Go Wireless Numeric Keypad: If you spend your day crunching numbers and working your magic in spreadsheets, this numeric-only keypad might be the upgrade you need. It offers a wireless and a highly-portable design that’s perfect for on-the-go workers, and a rechargeable battery. It starts at $49.99 and will go up for grabs in October 2021.


Lenovo ThinkVision MC50 Monitor Webcam

Lenovo also announced a few other devices that didn’t fit neatly into the other categories but are absolutely still worth taking a look at. They’ll help round out your office setup!

  • ThinkVision MC50 Monitor Webcam: Remote work is commonplace now, which means so are video calls for meetings with clients and coworkers. Lenovo’s new webcam offers 1080p FHD video quality—with 4x digital zoom and tilt capability—along with dual noise-canceling mics. It also boasts a physical lens shutter and a red LED indicator light that shows you if the camera is on. It starts at $99 and will be available sometime in Q3 2021.
  • Lenovo Go Tech Accessories Organizer: If you’re a hybrid worker always on the go, you’ll need a good accessories organizer, like this one, to keep these gadgets store neatly and safely during transit. The sleek case has compression-molded compartments and splash-proof zippers that keep your power bank, mouse, earbuds, cables, and other gadgets dry and safe. It even has a place for storing your smartphone and pens. It’ll be available this September starting at $44.99.
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