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It Belongs in a Museum: Indiana Jones’ Fedora Purchased for $300,000

Still from auction house video with expert showing off the Indiana Jones fedora
The Prop Store

Any movie lover will tell you that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is one of the most iconic movies ever. One of the things that made that movie so memorable was Indy’s iconic fedora. And given that someone just bought the original at auction for $300,000, that statement seems fair.

While it fetched an honestly insane price, it still fell short of the original fedora from Raiders of the Lost Ark, which sold for a mind-boggling half a million in 2015. According to the auction house, The Prop Store, the fedora for the 1984 movie still exceeded its original estimate of $150,000-$250,000.

The hat’s official auction description states that it was “Created by Herbert Johnson Hat Company, who also did the hats for Raiders of the Lost Ark. The fedora was a slight upgrade on the original film’s version. Costume designer Anthony Powell and assistant costume designer Joanna Johnston worked closely with Herbert Johnson on the update. It incorporated a more tapered crown than the prior film.”

The fedora is made of sable-colored rabbit felt and features a dark brown ribbon detail around the exterior. It also has a leather sweatband around the interior that’s imprinted with “I J” in gold for—you guessed it—Indiana Jones. According to the auction listing, the hat is in excellent condition, but shows some light wear and signs of age.

The auction house sold several other cool items, including other props from the Indiana Jones series and other movies, if you want to go take a look. Though we don’t know who the winner of the auction was, we hope they look as cool in the hat as Harrison Ford did.

via Nerdist

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