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DoNotPay’s Robot Lawyers Want to Defend Gamers

DoNotPay's Gamers banner.

Since its launch in 2015, the DoNotPay robotic lawyer service has helped people fight parking tickets, reduce property taxes, and automatically cancel subscription services. But now, DoNotPay wants to defend gamers from banned accounts, hackers, and scammers. It’s a weird idea, but it could save you from a few annoying phone calls or email threads.

The appeal that DoNotPay makes to gamers is interesting, to say the least. Account Management is the crux of DoNotPay’s gamer services, providing automatic appeals for banned accounts, reports against cheating players, and account recovery services in the event that you’re hacked.

DoNotPay can also track your game stats for you and suggest ways that you can improve performance. Not only that, but it can use your gaming history to recommend new titles, or help you buy video game accounts and items without being scammed.

Clearly, these services have nothing to do with law or lawyers. But hey, DoNotPay’s automated services are equipped to handle this kind of stuff. Instead of digging through a company’s contact information or sitting on hold for hours, you can send DoNotPay to do your bidding for you. If you’ve spent several years on a game only to find your account hacked or banned, it maight be worth paying DoNotPay’s $36 a year service fee.

We recently published an article reviewing the pros and cons of DoNotPay, along with some of the service’s most useful features. You can also visit the DoNotPay “Most Popular Features” page to learn more about the robot lawyers and how they can help you save money or skip tedious tasks.

Source: DoNotPay

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