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What We’re Watching: Adam Savage’s ‘Tested’ Blends Engineering and Pop Culture

Adam Savage and the 'Tested' logo

Anyone who ever watched the edutainment series Mythbusters is still probably trying to find a new show to fill the void that the nerdy and, admittedly, charismatic series left after it ceased in 2018. Fortunately, one of the hosts, Adam Savage, started Tested—a similar YouTube channel for curious minds.

Though the channel focuses on science, engineering, and all-things nerd, it contains an awe-inspiring variety of content. As a subscriber to the channel, you’ll see all kinds of things like discussions about Adam’s favorite tools, Adam’s famous One Day Builds, hands-on time with actual movie props, and sneaking through Comic-Con incognito while cosplaying.

There’s even a fun miniseries called Ask Adam Savage where he discusses all manner of topics and experiences, like working on R2D2 for Star Wars at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), what it was like to work with Jamie on Mythbusters, and his favorite book recommendations.

What makes the channel so great is how Savage shares his experience and knowledge. Over the course of his career, he has worked as a model maker, animator, set designer, projectionist, graphic designer, carpenter, film developer, toy designer, television presenter, and actor. He then distills that knowledge and experience into bite-size videos that are equal parts educational and entertaining.

Adam’s unique vantage point allows him to give his viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how props are made, how costumes are designed, and other elements of movie magic. And without a doubt, his passion for all of this is what makes his videos so exciting and what makes that industry feel a little less enigmatic.

The channel is made even better by the addition of the rest of the Tested team, which includes a variety of other makers and creators who film similar videos using, testing, and recommending products. In one of these videos, Tested team member Simone Giertz makes a popcorn machine with Adam. In another from 2017, the channel’s co-creator—Normal Chan— looks at a few of his favorite things, like a Canon 5D Mark IV camera, a Canon EF 135mm f/2L prime lens, the Nintendo Switch, and the Hifiman He-4XX planar magnetic headphone s.

If you’re interested in checking out Tested, we’ve linked the YouTube channel below. However, you can also follow Adam and the rest of the Tested team on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord. Already a fan? Well, then you’ll need to pick up some of the super-cool Tested merch, including the shirts and drinkware that state “Measure Once, Cut Twice”—Savage’s fun take on the classic motto.

Tested is a fascinating channel that’s a ton of fun, even for those who don’t fancy themselves engineers. Adam’s lighthearted approach and passion for creating make the channel one of my favorites to recommend. So whether you are looking for tips for your next build or are just wanting to be inspired by Adam’s serious skill, check out Tested next time you’re on YouTube.

What We're Watching

Adam Savage's Tested

Check out all of the fun builds, discussions, movie props, and tours on Adam Savage’s ‘Tested’ YouTube channel.

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