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This Massive 3D Cat Billboard Is So Realistic You’ll Want to Go See It in Person

The 3D cat bilboard in Tokyo.

You know that scene in Back to the Future where a 3D shark leaps out of a marquee to eat Marty? Something similar is happening in Japan. A massive hyper-realistic cat, aided by optical illusion, is showing up between digital billboard advertisements to meow at Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.

Shown on a 4K-resolution, 1,664-square-foot curved LED display, the cat looks impressively like-like. While early test footage of the display shows the cat meowing at pedestrians, it actually performs a few activities, depending on the time of day. It wakes up at 7 AM, wanders in its giant box at noon, and sleeps through the late afternoon until 1 AM  (when the billboard is presumably shut off).

A company called Cross Space is currently testing the cat display ahead of its July 12th “debut,” but of course, tons of pedestrians have already caught a glimpse of the feline. Nearly 200,000 pedestrians wander through the Shinjuku district every day, as it’s home to the Shinjuku Train Station, popular shopping centers, and businesses.

Cross Space warns that the cat billboard is an optical illusion and won’t work at some angles. If you want a good look at the massive 3D cat, you’ll have to fly to Japan and see it in person.

Source: CNN

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