Wyze Reveals Its Ultra-Affordable Smart LED Strips

The Wyze Lightstrip Pro

Futuristic smart lighting that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Wyze has launched its Light Strip and Light Strip Pro, two affordable LED strips with smart home features, customizable colors, and a trimmable design. Pre-orders are now open, starting at $26 for the basic Light Strip and $31 for the Light Strip Pro.

Both the Light Strip and Light Strip Pro feature 16 million selectable colors, plus a Music Mode that syncs the lights with sound (using a built-in mic), scheduling features, and a Sun Match mode that mimics the sun’s intensity and color temperature throughout the day. They install with adhesive but cannot daisy-chain with other units—you’re stuck with either a 16.4-foot or 32.8-foot model (and the longer model is actually just two 16.4-foot strips connected to either side of a controller).

The Wyze Lightstrip Pro at a desk.

But while the cheaper Light Strip can only shine one color at a time, the Light Strip Pro can display up to 16 different colors in individual segments. It also features a protective epoxy coating, though it isn’t waterproof, so you can only use it indoors.

Wyze says that its Light Strips will eventually gain the ability to “group” with other Wyze lighting products, such as the ultra-affordable Wyze Color Smart Bulb. Of course, you can group these lights together using Alexa or Google Assistant routines, Wyze is simply referring to its own app.

You can pre-order the Light Strip and Light Strip Pro now from the Wyze website, though shipping dates haven’t been announced. I should take a moment to mention the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights, which offer similar features to the Wyze Light Strip Pro at a slightly lower price.

Wyze Light Strip

With over 16 million built-in colors, a music sync mode, scheduling, and tons of smart controls, the Wyze Light Strip is a serious bargain. Grab it for $26 (16.4 feet) or $36 (32.8 feet).

Wyze Light Strip Pro

Wyze’s Light Strip Pro includes multi-color segment control, allowing you to program each part of the light with different colors. Smart features and music mode also make an appearance, plus a protective epoxy coating. Grab it for $31 (16.4 feet) or $45 (32.8 feet).

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