PSA: Update Your Wyze App to Keep Your Smart Cameras Working

The Wyze Cam Outdoor.
Michael Crider

On July 21st, Wyze will roll out a firmware update that increases the software security of its smart cameras. But this firmware update is not compatible with version 2.21 of the Wyze app (or earlier versions, for that matter). To ensure that your smart cameras keep working, go ahead and update your Wyze app now.

That’s right, the new camera firmware is only compatible with version 2.22 of the Wyze app, which launched on July 7th. Wyze blames this incompatibility on its new software security features, which should provide increased protection against hackers.

Your Wyze cameras won’t break if you forget to download the app update, though you will temporarily lose access to them. Updating now will help you avoid any problems when the security patch rolls out later this month.

That said, those who use older phones may be locked out of their Wyze cameras for a while. Version 2.22 of the Wyze app doesn’t work with phones running operating systems lower than Android 7 or iOS 12.

To some, this may seem a bit unfair. But older operating systems aren’t very secure and can create vulnerabilities in your network. Ending support for older phones may allow Wyze to improve its software security, which could explain the incoming camera firmware update’s limited app compatibility.

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