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Zero Steers Its New FXE Electric Motorcycle Toward City Commuters

Zero's FXE electric motorcycle.

The latest entry to Zero’s list of electric motorcycles is the 2022 FXE. While thinking up its design, the company took cues from modern consumer tech and worked with HUGE Design to create its sleek, one-of-a-kind look. The FXE is Zero’s new entry-level bike and is perfect for commuters.

It’s built on the same frame as Zero’s FX and FXS bikes but has a fresh new design, including a redesigned body. The 298-pound bike also packs a punch under the hood, though, with impressive tech like the 75-5 air-cool brushless electric motor that can produce 78 foot-pounds of torque and 46HP. That’s plenty for the average commute, and even for a fast-paced Sunday drive.

Sam Pachel, Zero’s CEO, stated “Being the brand that defined the category means that Zero has an obligation to continue driving innovation in electric powersports forward. Our position of leadership also comes with the responsibility to elevate the form and function of the modern motorcycle and ignite riders’ passions in a whole new way. The FXE delivers on the design, technology and ride experience characteristics one expects from the motorcycle of the future.”

Rider all in black on FXE Electric Motorcycle in the city.

The FXE also sports a 7.2kWh lithium-ion battery that should last you for around 100 miles on a single charge (though highway driving will significantly lessen that range). That’s enough to get the average rider through a day cruising around the city.

In the place of traditional gauges, Zero uses a five-inch TFT touch display—an upgrade from the previous FX LCD screen that offers more brightness and more options and details in the UI. The bike is controlled by the company’s Cypher II OS, which can also connect to the companion app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. From there, you’ll be able to view and manage the FXE’s artillery of settings, like battery management, top speed capacity, torque, and even a Long Term Storage Mode function.

The FXE’s price point is also one of its winning features. Starting at just $11,795, you can have a low-maintenance electric motorcycle with a stylish modern design. At the very least, it’s much less expensive than other new electric motorcycles. And don’t worry, even though the bike’s motor is electric, it still offers a noticeable but not too loud electric whine sound to round out the whole experience. It’s a solid bet for city drivers and commuters looking to upgrade to something electric. You can schedule a test ride on Zero’s website.

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