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These Holographic Displays Are As Unreal As the Price

Two views of the new holographic displays from Looking Glass
Looking Glass

Looking Glass Factory just announced its brand-new pair of second-gen holographic displays, which are now available for pre-order. The two displays are the follow-up to the entry-level Portrait the company launched on Kickstarter last year but now come in 4K and 8K varieties.

Although the Portrait had a super-affordable price—just $299—Looking Glass’ two new displays aren’t quite as affordable. The 15.6-inch 4K display goes for $3,000, while the 32-inch 8K display is only available for a whopping $17,000.

The displays are able to create this holographic effect by projecting 45-100 angles of an image at the same time. This variety of unique angles is what causes the object in the image to seemingly shift around as you move the display around (or as you move around the display).

Looking Glass worked to create a more compact display, which, as a result, also improved the technology the displays work upon. Now, the hardware weighs less, the screens are thinner, ambient reflections are minimized, and the holograms more easily “pop out” of the screen. The displays are optimized for group viewing (for any visual acuity) and designed to work in every lighting condition.

The Looking Glass 4K Gen2 display comes with “robust support for major 3D software packages, a range of out-of-the-box utilities to import your 3D content and a custom carrying case for easy mobility and shipping. It’s up for pre-order starting at $3,000, and ships in November. You can opt to throw in some extras, too, like an extended warranty, a light field photo rail, and a motion controller.

Likewise, the Looking Glass 8K Gen2 starts at $17,500 and it is “designed for companies who work in 3D or are exploring new possibilities in AR/VR/holograms.” You can pre-order it today, as well if you’ve got the dough, and it ships in October. Its add-on options include an extended warranty, a high-end PC, and a carrying case.

via TechCrunch

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