Nothing Will Auction Its First 100 Earbuds through DropX on July 19th

A close-up of the Ear 1 earbud's rectangular charging case.
A close-up of the Ear 1 earbud’s rectangular charging case.

Nothing has announced plans to auction the first 100 units of its Ear 1 earbuds through DropX, a direct-to-consumer product release platform built into the StockX streetwear marketplace. This exclusive sale begins July 19th, just over a week before the official July 27th launch date (and public reveal).

Like a limited edition print or sculpture, each Ear 1 earbud sold through DropX will feature a unique engraved number from 1-100. Nothing will hand out the units “in order of final sale price,” though we’re not 100% sure what that means—perhaps the highest bidder at this auction will get the “first” set of Ear 1 earbuds.

Because this sale starts before the official Ear 1 launch date, we might get an early look at the earbuds during or after the auction. Nothing used a new photo to advertise the buds, and it seems to confirm that the charging case is transparent and rectangular.

We extrapolated much of the Ear 1’s design last week when Nothing launched a weird black and white video and published a teaser photo through Unbox Therapy. It seems that the earbuds and their case are both made with transparent plastic, and while we don’t know what the buds look like, we know that they feature ANC and cost $100.

Along with its StockX collaboration, Nothing has partnered with Selfridges London department store to sell its Ear 1 buds. The company also worked with Teenage Engineering on the Ear 1 design—with all these “fashionable” partners, it seems that Nothing plans to target a trendy, fashion-oriented market, though we won’t know for sure until its earbuds come out.

Source: Nothing

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