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This Mechanical Keyboard Sits on Top of Your MacBook’s Keyboard … Why?

The Epomaker NT68 mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboard fans are the most dedicated, crafty nerds on the planet. They will spend hundreds of dollars hunting for the right keyboard, and even buy portable mechanical keyboards for their laptop or tablet. Now, Epomaker is gearing up to launch the NT68, a portable mechanical keyboard that sits on top of your MacBook’s keys.

While it may seem stupid, placing a mechanical keyboard on top of your MacBook has its benefits. It reduces clutter, it lets you pull the laptop closer to your eyes (some of us have crappy eyesight), and it leaves the trackpad unobstructed—a necessity for those who like to use macOS gestures.  (By the way, the Epomaker NT68 will work with any device, it’s just fitted to sit on top of a MacBook.)

Of course, the NT68 does seem to cover the MacBook’s speakers, which is a travesty. And like many other Epomaker keyboards, the NT68 uses a “65% layout,” meaning that its function keys are combined with its number keys.

The Epomaker NT68 mechanical keyboard's integrated carrying case
The Epomaker NT68’s carrying case doubles as a tablet kickstand. Epomaker

Even without a dedicated row of function keys, the NT68 is a versatile little machine. It charges over USB-C, connects to three devices at a time using Bluetooth (you can also hardwire it with USB-C), and features hot-swappable switches. (Epomaker sells the keyboard with several flavors of Gateron and Chocolate switches.) For tablet users, the NT68’s carrying case can fold out into a kickstand, and can even hold your Apple Pencil or other stylus.

RGB backlighting also makes an appearance, though it will reduce battery performance. And while the NT68’s 1,900 mAh battery isn’t exactly small, it only lasts two to five weeks of regular use. Thankfully, the Epomaker placed the charging jack on the left side of this keyboard, so it’s always an inch away from your MacBook’s USB-C ports.

Epomaker has not announced pricing or a release date for the NT68 keyboard. But if you really want a mechanical keyboard that sits on top of your MacBook, you can sign up for email notifications (and get an Early Bird discount) on Epomaker’s website.

Source: Epomaker via The Verge

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