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Okay, Why Is Samsung Selling a 1,000-inch TV?

Samsung's "The Wall" MicroLED TV

Samsung just released a new version of “The Wall,” its ridiculously oversized MicroLED TV display. This upgraded model comes in several configurations and can measure up to 1,000-inches in size. Okay, so why is Samsung selling a 1,000-inch TV?

We saw Samsung’s 146-inch The Wall TV a few years ago at CES, then last year they announced several improvements to a 110-inch model. However, the latest 2021 edition of this MicroLED technology is getting some major updates. Those updates are huge, like the TV, and will eventually trickle down to smaller, more mainstream TVs you can actually fit in your home. And that’s the key here.

For now, the new “IWA Series” display is designed for businesses and commercial applications and not your living room. Even Samsung’s promotional images show this huge 1,000-inch TV at a retail store. Samsung’s new 2021 version is available in “select markets” from today, and as expected, they didn’t share a price tag.

The upgraded 2021 Samsung IWA Series “The Wall” TV comes with up to 40-percent smaller LEDs, which Samsung says offers improved colors and higher contrast, sharper images, better AI, and an 8K resolution with a high 120Hz refresh rate. The Wall has a peak brightness of 1,600 nits and gets a lot brighter than LG’s best that tops out under 1,000 nits.

These displays are made up of several modular panels stacked together. Buyers can arrange them in multiple different configurations, including an ultrawide 15,360 x 2,160 16K resolution, concave, convex, and even hung from the ceiling in an “L” shape for businesses.

Samsung MicroLED TV

So, what exactly is a MicroLED, and why are they important? MicroLED’s each light up individually rather than one big LCD screen, and to display beautiful black images, the LED turns off completely. OLED displays do this too but are subject to burn-in and other issues, making MicroLED better than OLED.

It’s cool to see Samsung trying to sell absolutely insanely huge TVs the size of a wall to commercial customers. That said, it also started including the technology in regular-sized TVs that us normal folks can actually fit in our homes. At CES earlier this year, Samsung announced that they’d start offering 110-inch, 99-, 88-, and 76-inch Micro LED 4K TVs for traditional customers in 2021. And yes, while 76-inches is still pretty big, at least it’ll fit in your house.

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