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The Best Gloves To Keep Your Freezing Hands Warm In The Office

If you’re in a cold office all day, it may be hard to get work done with freezing fingers. Eliminate that distraction and discomfort with any one of the toasty warm gloves in our list.

Whether you’re cold, have arthritis, or just want some comfy gloves to type in, we’ve got you covered. We’ve researched fingerless, cashmere, heated, and even compression gloves on this list, so wave goodbye to those uncomfortable digits!

Update, 1/26/22: Verified content and links still good. Replaced Smoko Toast with similar pair from Kbinter, and DragonSpink Compression with similar pair from Duerer.

Best Fingerless Gloves: AndeanSun Alpaca Fingerless

Darn Warm Alpaca Fingerless Gloves

Is your office so cold that you can’t get any work done? You need the AndeanSun Alpaca Gloves! These gloves are fingerless, so you’ll be able to sift through papers, sign documents, and even type. The surprise is that these gloves are actually great for offices both warm and cool!

If you’re one to alternate between being hot and cold, these gloves are perfect. They are not only three times as warm as wool so they’ll keep you warm, but the woven alpaca fibers create small pockets of air that create ventilation for your hands in case they feel hot and sweaty. Think of them like super performance wool socks, but for your hands.

Plus, these gloves are moisture-wicking, so if your hands sweat or if you spill something on them, you won’t even notice. Lastly, these gloves are machine washable—just wash them in cold water then air dry.

Best Fingerless Gloves

AndeanSun Alpaca Fingerless Gloves

Need to your fingertips to stay agile but want the rest of your hand to stay warm? These are the gloves for you.

Softest Fingerless Gloves: Novawo Cashmere Blend Fingerless

NOVAWO Cashmere Blend Fingerless Gloves Soft Warm Arm Warm Gloves

Whether you’re cold or not, sometimes it just feels comfortable having your hands wrapped up in some nice cashmere gloves. But how would you get work done in gloves? The Novawo Cashmere Blend Fingerless Gloves leave your fingertips exposed so you can type, write, and use your hands with ease. And instead of wrapping individually around each finger, there’s only one hole for your four fingers and one hole for your thumb—maximizing finger dexterity.

The soft and stretchy cashmere material won’t scratch or itch you like normal wool gloves, and won’t catch on things like some neoprene gloves do. Lastly, there are eight solid colors to choose from, so you can express yourself but remain professional in your work environment.

Softest Fingerless Gloves

Novawo Cashmere Blend Fingerless Gloves

Enjoy the luxurious feel of cashmere while your hands stay warm with these gloves.

Best Heated Hand-Warming Gloves: Kbinter Toast Hand Warmers

USB Hand Warmers Cute USB Heating Gloves Half Wearable Fingerless 5V USB Powered Heated Hand Warmer Gloves

Want to heat up your fingers with a little more kick than normal gloves? With the Kbinter Toast Hand Warmers, which also happen to be smiling plush pieces of toast, your hands will be extra “toasty.” You can even choose between the slightly golden brown (low) or crispy (high) heat settings.

Just slide your hands into these heated hand warmers and adjust the fabric wrist straps. Your fingers will have the right amount of mobility for you to complete tasks around the office since these pieces of toast stay positioned around the center of your palms and back of your hands. Lastly, you’ll be able to charge these hand warmers for 1-2 hours so that they’re good to go for up to 6 hours.

If you want heated office gloves, but are looking for a more discrete look, check out the USB-powered AIKIN Heated Gloves. These look more like traditional winter gloves, work with USB 2.0, and come in a set of two so you can have one as a backup (or give one to your favorite coworker).

Best Heated Hand-Warming Gloves

Kbinter Toast Hand Warmers

Keep your hands literally toasty with these USB heated toast-themed fingerless gloves.

Thinnest Typing Gloves: The Writer’s Glove

Person's hand typing on a keyboard while wearing the glove
The Writer’s Glove

All of our picks so far have been fingerless gloves. So what do you do if you want a full-finger option that’s still thin enough for you to complete your work? You check out this pick! The Writer’s Glove is a great option for your chilly office space that will fit like you won’t even know they’re there.

Since these gloves are made from natural silk, they’re thin enough so that you can actually feel the keys. For the best fit, choose from one of five different sizes so you can work without the fabric getting in your way.

Thinnest Typing Glove

The Writer's Glove

These gloves are thin and warm, and make it easy to feel the keyboard through the unique fingertips.

Best Hand Warmers for Arthritic Hands: Duerer Arthritis Compression Gloves

Duerer Arthritis Compression Gloves Women Men for RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Rheumatiod, Tendonitis

If you have arthritic hands that are always cold and achy, check out Duerer’s Arthritis Compression Gloves. They cover your wrist and most of your fingers, keeping just your fingertips exposed—allowing you to go about your day without the inconvenience of full gloves.

With three sizes and the ability to have control, grip, and functionality with your fingertips, the Duerer Compression Gloves will give your stiff or swollen hands relief. By combining compression and heat retention to increase blood flow to your digits, you can say goodbye to cold and sore hands!

Another option for pain relief, whether it’s for arthritis, tendonitis, or just stiffness, is the Dr. Frederick’s Original Arthritis Gloves—a great option if you’re looking to spend a few extra bucks.

Best Hand Warmers for Arthritic Hands

Duerer Arthritis Compression Gloves

Keep your hands warm while allowing them to enjoy some relief from arthritis and carpal tunnel while you type.

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