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Firewalla’s New Firewall Can Travel With You

A purple firewall next to an app with results.

As we add more smart home devices, tablets, security cameras, and other Wi-Fi connected devices to our homes, we open ourselves up to attack. Firewalla’s firewalls are easy to use and easy to set up. And now its latest Purple model can even travel with you when you’re on the go.

Update, 2/1/22: Firewalla made its Purple firewall available for purchase on its site, and we’ve updated this article to match.

Firewall already offers multiple versions of its firewall products, with Red, Blue, and Gold. The main differences start with how much speed they can handle and some features. The Gold model can handle gigabit speeds and comes with exclusive features like network segmentation and Wireguard VPN support.

Firewalla’s Purple firewall has all the same features as the Gold model in a smaller package. But it also packs in a few new tricks. The biggest difference is a short-range Wi-Fi radio. That doesn’t mean Firewalla Purple will replace your current Wi-Fi router; it’s more the opposite.

It can connect to a modem wirelessly and then serve as a bridge to your devices. So if your local internet is down for any reason, you can turn on your phone’s hotspot, connect that to the Firewalla, and provide protected internet to your devices. Just watch those data caps.

But the short-range Wi-Fi is also helpful when you travel. Take the Firewalla Purple with you, and you have a firewall on the go. When you arrive at the hotel, connect the Firewalla Purple to the hotel’s Wi-Fi, then connect up to eight devices to the Firewalla. Now you have protected internet for your devices without worrying about anyone snooping on public networks.

The Firewalla Purple is up for order the company’s site for $319. But it does list a full price of $369, so it may increase in price down the road.

A portable firewall

Firewalla Purple

The Firewalla Purple takes everything great about the Gold model and makes it more portable.

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