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Moment’s New Cases Bring MagSafe to Some Galaxy Devices

Moment's new Galaxy S21 MagSafe case

If your pocket is filled with a Galaxy S21, but deep inside your heart, you’re jealous of Apple’s MagSafe accessories, we have good news: you can use MagSafe stuff with the S21 now. Well, kind of.

Popular accessory maker Moment just released a new case for the Galaxy S21 that brings MagSafe kit to Samsung’s flagship phones. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a manufacturer offer a way to make MagSafe work with non-Apple phones, but putting it in a case seems like a cleaner solution than a stick-on adapter.

Currently, the Galaxy Thin Case with (M)Force—Moment’s name for its MagSafe line—is available for the S21, Galaxy S21+, and S21 Ultra. It brings with it full compatibility for all of Moment’s (M)Force mounts. This includes attachments for car vents, tripods, cold shoes, charging stands, and even a wall mount.

The Moment Galaxy S21 case and accessories

Outside of Moment’s (M)Force accessories, however, we see no reason why this case won’t also work with other MagSafe accessories, though results with MagSafe wireless chargers may be hit and miss.

The (M)Force Galaxy S21 case also works with most of Moment’s add-on lenses, though full compatibility will depend on your phone. If you have an S21 or S21+, you’re good to go—both phones work with all of Moment’s lenses. HOWEVER, the S21 Ultra is another story as Samsung opted to go with a wider 24mm lens for the main shooter. Because of this, Moment recommends using the mounts over the telephoto lens.

The Galaxy Thin Case with (M)Force case is available today for $49.99. However, if you use the code #summer during checkout, it’ll save you a cool $15. Seems like a better deal.

Galaxy Thin Case with (M)Force

Moment’s Galaxy Thin Case with (M)Force brings MagSafe compatibility to Samsung Galaxy S21 devices. Make sure to use the code #summer at checkout for $15 off!

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