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PSA: Some Windows 11 “Installers” Are Malware, Here’s How to Safely Download the New OS

Windows 11 looking particularly dark and grim.

Those who want early access to Windows 11 may try to find the new OS’ installer through a quick Google search. Yeah, you shouldn’t do that! Antivirus company Kaspersky reports that it’s saved “several hundred” customers from fake Windows 11 installers, which are really just malware. If you need the Windows 11 preview today, you must download it through official channels—and it’s very easy to do so!

As explained by Kaspersky, fake Windows 11 installers are just .exe files with official-looking license agreements and installation wizards. Microsoft will never distribute this OS (or any OS firmware updates, for that matter) through an executable file. You can only upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 through the “Updates & Security” panel in your Settings.

The malicious Windows 11 "installer."

So, how do you safely install Windows 11? I suggest reading our detailed guide at How-To Geek, but here’s the short of it—go to the Windows Insider website and click “Register.” After you breeze through some agreements, open your Windows 10 PC’s Settings and click “Updates & Security,” then select “Windows Insider Program” in the sidebar. Press the “Get Started” button, choose the “Dev Channel” as your Insider Setting, then go back to “Updates & Security” to install Windows 11.

Bear in mind that some computers cannot install Windows 11 due to the OS’ hardware requirements. Unfortunately, Microsoft disabled its compatibility-checking tool, so unless you want to read the requirements the old-fashioned way, your best bet is to go through the installation process listed above and hope that it works. “Updates & Security” will tell you (during the last step) if your computer isn’t up to scuff.

If you’re still having trouble with the Windows 11 Insider preview, just wait a few months for the OS’ official launch. Most of Windows 11’s most interesting features are still missing from the Insider preview, so it’s not worth fussing about. Plus, when Windows 11 comes out, Microsoft will nag you literally every day until you install it.

Source: Kaspersky via Windows Central

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