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Fitbit’s Newest Wearable May Have Just Leaked

New Fitbit "Morgan" against a textured concrete background
Fitbit, sathaporn/Shutterstock.com

Fitbit just shared a photo of its latest wearable tracker, which is codenamed “Morgan.” The device shares several similarities with the company’s premium Luxe tracker, which Fitbit released this past April. Now, “Morgan” looks like it could possibly be the Charge 5.

This new device has a physically wider design, for both the band and the watchface, than the Luxe. Its color display is also smaller than its overall surface, which it opted for instead of edge-to-edge glass. The display features rounded corners and is wrapped with hefty bezels. 

The device’s body features straight left and right edges, and only keeps the Luxe’s curves at the top and bottom, overlapping the edge of the bands. It’s unclear whether or not the wearable has any buttons. 

The watch itself will support NFC payments, 9to5Google confirms, just as the Charge 4 and Charge 3 do. “Morgan” also allows the user to create a four-digit PIN—a security requirement needed for Fitbit play. As with the Charge 4, this device’s large display enables it to support functionality like a calendar client, Spotify control, a basic weather app, and richer notifications. It could potentially even feature standalone GPS and oxygen saturation.

With its many similarities to previous Charge designs, it seems certain that “Morgan” is likely the upcoming Charge 5 device. Typically, new Fitbit devices are announced sometime between August and October, so this lines up nicely. Overall, it looks polished and well-designed, and ready to keep up with your daily adventures and exercise routines.

via 9to5Google

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