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An APK Teardown Revealed Google Could Be Working on a “Switch to Android” App

An Android Samsung smartphone and an Apple iPhone next to each other with the displays turned on and unlocked

Google is currently building out a new iOS app entitled “Switch to Android” that will assist anyone wanting to, well, switch to Android. The app will likely be able to copy the vast majority of your important data from your iPhone and send it to your new Android device of choice.

New lines of code were found in Android’s official “Data Restore Tool” after an update (to version 1.0.382048734), spotted by 9to5Google in its latest “APK Insight” teardown. The code included a few mentions of a Google-developed “Switch to Android” app for iOS.

The code highlighted the steps a user would need to take to transfer the data. What’s most interesting is that, rather than having you use a USB-C to Lightning cable to transfer data (or backing it up and redownloading it from Google Drive), the app appears to create a local Wi-Fi network (like a hotspot) on the Android device. Then the iPhone will connect to said network, and the apps will take care of everything else.

It looks like the “Switch to Android” feature will let you transfer apps, SMS messages, iCloud and device contacts, and iMessage messages. However, it likely won’t be able to transfer any paid apps; you’ll probably have to re-download those from the Android store and pay for them again. We’ll have to wait until the app is officially released to know for sure, though.

While Android already has some guides and resources available for making the jump, the app will certainly streamline the process, perhaps making it more appealing to those who have been on the fence about making the switch. And given that iOS already has a “Move to iOS” app, the new app will help strike a balance there as well.

via The Verge

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