Airbnb’s New Speed Test Helps You Choose Places With Better Internet

New Wi-Fi speed test feature in host section of app

Over the past year, the pandemic made working remotely commonplace and now, people are realizing they can do that from a more scenic place. That’s exactly why Airbnb just released a Wi-Fi speed test tool that allows hosts to verify and list their Wi-Fi speeds so guests can see before booking.

Whether you’re a digital nomad, a roadschooler, or just looking for a way to stream some games or connect with your coworkers over a video call while on vacation, the one thing that could make that difficult is a crappy Wi-Fi connection. While Airbnb hosts are already free to list their Wi-Fi speeds, it’s never been a standardized metric across the app and there was no way to tell if a host was being honest or not.

The feature is built right into the Airbnb app, under the “Amenities” section for host accounts, and uses M-Lab’s open-source software to measure Wi-Fi speeds. The simple tool makes quick work of testing and listing the information, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy, and ensures fair and equal testing for all users. The end result? A listing that’s (hopefully) more attractive to potential Guests thanks to verified Wi-Fi speeds.

Airbnb's list of various Wi-Fi speed meanings

Airbnb’s support document includes a chart (seen above) designed to help you better understand your Wi-Fi speed test result. The chart states that 7Mbps is “snappy” and enough for guests to make a video call or stream a movie together. It considers 14Mbps to be “fast” enough for guests to stream multiple HD videos simultaneously, and anything above 50+Mbps to be “lightning fast” and ideal for heavy-duty users.

The end result? A listing that’s (hopefully) more attractive to more potential guests thanks to verified Wi-Fi speeds.

Source: Airbnb

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