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This Portable PS2 Runs Games Without Emulation

The PS2 Eclipse portable console.

PlayStation 2 games are incredibly difficult to emulate, and as a result, very few people have had the chance to revisit the best games of the 2000s. The solution? You could just buy an old PS2, or if you’re looking for a more modern gaming experience, build a PS2 portable console using original hardware.

Console modder GingerOfOz chose the latter option. He hunted down a PS2 Slim, trimmed down the motherboard to its essentials, and shoved it into a 3D-printed case with PS Vita buttons. The modded handheld, called a PS2 Eclipse, features a 5-inch 480p display, a USB-C data and charging port, built-in speakers, and a two-hour-ish battery life.

Because GingerOfOz stuck with original hardware, the PS2 Eclipse runs games at full speed without any of the compatibility issues experienced in emulation. Game ISOs boot from a USB drive, which does extend load times a bit but reduces the console’s footprint (and probably doubles the battery life).

There are still a lot of kinks to work out here, of course. GingerOfOz says that he had to stick with a 480p display because newer panels don’t play nice with the PS2’s interlaced video, and some games don’t detect the handheld’s built-in controller. But overall, the PS2 Eclipse looks like a wonderful handheld.

For more info on the PS2 Eclipse, including building materials, check out GingerOfOz’s blog. You should also subscribe to GingerOfOz’s YouTube channel to see some of his other modded consoles, including a ton of portable Wiis.

Source: GingerOfOz via The Verge

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