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Props From ‘Mythbusters’ Will Go up for Auction for the First Time

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For years, the original Mythbusters team won hearts and minds for science with its blend of witty humor and experimentation. And much to the delight of many, the show even returned with a new set of hosts. And now true fans can bid on over 80 props from the explosion-heavy show in a new auction.

If you aren’t familiar with Mythbusters (and we’re not even sure how that’s possible) the premise of the show is pretty simple. The hosts investigate a myth, like “can you clean a cement truck with dynamite” and try to determine if it could be true. Most episodes started by replicating the circumstances of the myth at hand, before moving on to replicating the results. The latter bit often came after the team determined the myth couldn’t be true under the described conditions.

Sooner or later, that usually led to an explosion or fire. In the case of the above cement truck the final results were so explosive it left the cast asking “what cement truck?” amidst laughter. Naturally, the show called for many props, from stunt dummies (affectionately named Buster) to recreations of integral myth components, like a mechanical shark. And that’s where the auction comes in.

The Mythbusters Online Charity Auction kicks off on August 20th and lasts through September 1st. It will feature 80 props from the original show and Mythbusters: The Search. The latter was a reality-style show that picked the current hosts of the latest incarnation. You can also preview some of the items up for auction, including a TNT box, a mechanical shark, and a Buster.

The proceeds will benefit The Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation, a non-profit created after Grant Imahara’s sudden and tragic death. Adam Savage will even autograph some of the items up for bid. And that’s no myth.

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