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Razer Wants You to Beta Test Its RGB Face Mask

Two people wearing Razer's Zephyr face mask.

It seems that Razer is really going through with the Project Hazel concept. Now called the Razer Zephyr, this “wearable air purifier” features RGB lighting, an N95 filter, a voice amplifier, and a clear mouth screen. If you’re interested in the futuristic mask, Razer is inviting people to beta test it before its official launch later this year.

Razer first showed off its RGB face mask at CES 2021. At the time, people didn’t take it very seriously. Not only is the mask a but over the top, but it was announced at the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, a time of general optimism in most countries (as far as the pandemic goes, at least).

In March, Razer announced that the Zephyr mask (then called Project Hazel) would become a reality. The general consensus was that Razer came a year too late, and that Zephyr would, at best, find a niche market among convention and concert-goers. But with the Delta variant now breaking COVID records, it seems that there may be a larger market for the “wearable air purifier.” (Yeah, it seems that Razer hasn’t received CDC respirator approval yet.)

You can sign up for Razer’s Zephyr beta test on the company’s website. In return for a beta mask, Razer asks that you share feedback and images with the company. It isn’t clear how Razer will use these images—maybe you’ll end up in a cool advertisement. Razer still hasn’t announced pricing or availability for the mask, though we expect it to cost a lot more than a regular N95 respirator.

Source: Razer via Engadget

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