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FedEx Taking a Baby Step into Electrifying Its Vehicle Fleet


New Xos FedEx electric vehicle parked in front of business

FedEx just inked a deal with Xos Trucks, which will bring 120 zero-emission electric trucks to its fleet. The trucks will be deployed across 35 FedEx Ground operators in five states sometime between Q4 2021 and 2022.

Xos noted in a recent blog post, “There are thousands of ground delivery contractors, also known as ISPs, operating within the United States. And in March of 2021, FedEx Corp. announced its long-term sustainability plans which include helping ISPs reach carbon-neutral operations by 2040. FedEx also stated that it would collaborate with ISPs to ensure all parcel pickups and deliveries were made with electric vehicles within the next 20 years.”

Given that its fleet of delivery trucks spends all day hitting the pavement, it makes sense that FedEx is interested in shifting to an all-electric fleet as a way to become more carbon-neutral. Once deployed, we can expect to see them in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, and California.

“Working with FedEx Ground operators, who operate every day within FedEx’s global delivery and logistics network, both validates our business model and innovative, cost-efficient, zero-emission and operationally ready products, which are tailored for commercial fleets focusing on last-mile delivery,” stated Dakota Semler, Xos’ Co-Founder and CEO.

The new electric trucks are built to stand up to rigorous use day after day across all kinds of terrains. In the video above, we can see the rigorous testing process Xos’ electric step vans undergo to ensure they’re up to the task. This includes simulations of real-world driving conditions over 200,000 miles.

Xos said it is looking “forward to building partnerships with FedEx ISPs by continually working toward making electric fleet adoption easier and more efficient.” The company will help its customers with charging and site infrastructure needs so they can easily purchase, maintain, charge, store, and operate the trucks.

If you live in one of those five states, be sure to keep your eyes peeled later this year as your packages get delivered. You might be able to see one of these new trucks!

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