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If You Hate Windows 11’s Start Menu, This Program Will Fix It

One possible Start11 menu configuration option

The Start menu in Windows 11 has been a point of some controversy. Thankfully, however, a new alternative has cropped up that will let you customize the look of the menu from all sorts of iconic options, including a Windows 7-style option.

The program, aptly named Start11, allows you to change up the look of things like the Start menu for both Windows 11 and Windows 10. Its developer, Stardock, is also hoping to add options for tabs, pages, and other similar features in the near future. Though the program is still in beta, it is an inexpensive option for anyone wanting to easily change up the look.

Brad Wardell, Stardock’s CEO, stated “This first beta is designed to regain some of the lost functionality in the current Windows 11 Start menu. We have a lot of exciting new features planned to make the Start menu not just more accessible but also more useful to companies and power users.”

Start11 configuration menu with options

The beta supports moving the start button to the left or the middle, makes more features visible, and offers up a new UI configuration for more extreme customization. Wardell adds, “The new UI has been designed to support future Start menu designs. Start8 and Start10 focused on restoring previous versions of the Start menu. Start11 will be extending this to support a host of new Start menu ideas such as the concept of pages, tabs, minimalism, and features for our enterprise customers.”

Currently, Start11 offers a few classic looks—like Windows 7—along with a more modern option. It can’t totally replicate the Windows 10 Start menu (at least not yet), nor does it offer Live Tiles, but you never know what exciting elements future updates could hold.

If you’re interested in seeing what customization options Start11 has to offer, you can join the beta now on Stardock’s site for just $4.99. Users who sign up for the beta will get the full release for free once it’s released. Keep in mind that, as with any beta, this one might have bugs that cause the software to not work correctly.

Windows 11 Start Menu Customizer


Join the Start11 beta for just $4.99 to customize the look of your Windows 10/11 Start menu.

via Windows Central

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